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  1. shamir

    Round 1

    It's day 7 already?! We need to go grocery shopping and I need to meal plan. Once I meal plan I will feel more prepared again. Also, I have realised.. hibernating at home I think makes the Whole30 pretty easy. I'm not avoiding going out (I have been out socially twice the past week) but it's been a pretty week with baby and I at home and my husband taking the car each day so there has been very little temptations. Physically I feel the same/good. Tired etc. Breakfast: potatoe leftovers, kale with tomato, scrambled eggs. Lunch: leftover chicken chilli with potatoes. Dinner: Bok choy with beef strips and fried egg.
  2. shamir

    Round 1

    It's day 5 already and I can't believe I'm still here 100%! Wow! I've haven't been snacking much at all and pretty much just eating 3 biggish meals each day and drinking lots of water. My Dad came over today and I resisted bakery treats and choc milk! I am so overly aware of everything I am eating (because my baby isn't fully on W30 and has yogurt, bread etc) which is get a bit annoying.. I drank some water in the shower this morning and freaked out thinking "is that w30 compliant!?" Breakfast: Kale hash thing with fried egg & avo. Lunch: leftover chicken chili with potatoes Dinner: leftover pork rissoles with broccoli salad. *I did actually have some chia seeds with coco milk and almond butter after dinner and now my tummy hurts :/
  3. shamir

    Round 1

    Day 2 already! Yesterday was a lot of cooking, cleaning up the kitchen, going to the grocery store for the 10th time this week! Our fridge is very full at the moment so I'm really hoping I don't need to go back until Wednesday. Feeling fine at the moment but it's Sunday and it's a pretty quiet day so this is when we usually snack.. all good so far. Gotta keep busy! ..which is why I am here. Breakfast: casserole Lunch: Asian kaleslaw with chicken Dinner: beef brisket, coleslaw, roast sweet potatoes.
  4. That's a really good idea actually, thank you! I was going to make a cup of herbal tea but I like your idea better
  5. Thanks, I don't plan on cutting his milk, yogurt or grains
  6. Thanks Laura! To be honest.. I hadn't really thought of him doing Whole 30.. but he will no doubt be eating most of what we eat most of the day anyway. Except probably some yogurt, his bedtime milk etc. Thanks for the tips! I will stick some signs up around to remind me not to eat the cheese
  7. Hey everyone! I'm about to start my first round on Saturday & I'm excited, however.. I have a 14 month old baby who is eating 3 meals and snacks and every time I make him a meal I will no doubt have a bite or two of whatever he is having. (Baby is obviously not going to be doing Whole 30..) If I scoop out some yogurt.. I'll have a spoon before I put it in the sink, if he chucks a hunk of cheese.. I'll eat it, if I'm making him porridge or rice or pasta.. I'll test the heat while cooking.. basically.. it's second nature for me to eat some of his food..all day. I don't want to fail on day 1 at breakfast time.. or day 7 or day 28 for that matter. Has anyone got any tips or mantras I could remind myself whilst I am feeding him? Thanks in advance!