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  1. I've been using the Whole30 Journal but I may have skipped a day or 2. I know I can go back and figure it out using my posts but I don't care, I think today is Day 28 and I'm sticking with it. I thought I would miss cheese more than I do but I can tell you the first thing I want to reintroduce is SUSHI! I was at the store late on Saturday after a long day of yard work and walked by the sushi counter. There was a sign that read "All rolls $5". I mean, seriously, it might as well have had my name on it! I think I stood there for a full one minute. Half price grocery store sushi almost won,
  2. SKUtah

    Week 4

    I realized last night, about 8:15 PM Mountain Time, that I've not eaten a single piece, crumble, or shred of cheese in over 3 weeks. I just have to let that sit for a minute. I meal prep on Sundays and this week when I meal prepped, I made things that my family likes, as it turns out. I made a carnitas and salsa (both recipes are the Whole30 book) and I had planned 4 meals with those 2 items but as it turns out it was one meal with the family. I also made sweet potato hash and that went quick, too. I actually loved that they WANTED to eat my food. They had tortillas and cheese and I didn
  3. You're evening meal sounds amazing! Is that recipe in one of the books?
  4. It's been tough to give up grazing. My brain wants to make the case that healthy grazing is okay but waiting between meals is something I need to really focus on. So far, I've been able to do it.
  5. @wendy_mcg I can so empathize! If you're husband is supportive, it will make it that much easier. Good luck!
  6. SKUtah

    Week 3

    As posted on another string, I'm not necessarily feeling Tiger Blood but I'm waking up without an alarm consistently, I don't have cravings or at least I can keep them at bay and I'm not tired in the afternoon. I'm going to incorporate exercise this week. I'm calling it a win. That's really all I wanted when I think about it. What is Tiger Blood anyway?? The biggest challenge I had last week was knowing what to do with that 2 hours at night where I watch TV and eat. I can watch TV but I want to eat at the same time. I tried something that I read somewhere about distractions so I've been b
  7. @Rebecca001 @Rebel Rose @Nedster7 Thanks for finding this! I do need a few people to do this with so, lucky you, you're stuck with me! I'm on day 16 as I write this. I'm not sure I have Tiger Blood or even if I know what that would feel like BUT I do notice that I'm not tired in the afternoons, I am waking up on my own without an alarm as I used to when I was more fit, and I'm not tempted by the wrong foods at all. So easy to say no to sweets and other things. @Rebel Rose I have quite the dynamic in my family that makes meal planning a little harder. I have an older sister
  8. I'm on day 7. The Whole30 Day by Day journal has been pretty spot on with the timeline. I've had a few ups and downs but I just keep repeating the best line in the book, "One meal at a time." It's not that bad when I think of it that way. Confession: I know tracking calories is a no-no but I've been tracking calories but not why most people would think. I know that a person needs a minimum number of calories and I could tell the first 2 days that I was no where near the minimum. I tracked, yes, but to make sure I could gauge what was enough. I stopped after 3 days and have a better handle
  9. My first time committing to Whole30 was 2+ years ago and I had previously dropped over 60 pounds before starting and was in very good shape. I liked the concept of Whole30 but I was already eating extremely healthy so quite frankly, I just breezed through the 30 days and literally said, out loud, "what's the big deal?" Fast forward to the beginning of the pandemic, after a death and a separate serious illness in the family, my own job loss at 50+ years old from a job I thought I'd retire from, and the general stress of it all I stopped exercising and ate my feelings until I packed on 50 pounds