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    SKUtah reacted to Rebecca001 in Week 3   
    That’s brilliant. One thing I noticed when I did my first W30 was I suddenly felt like I had more time. I think it was because I just didn’t slump in the afternoons, and like you say instead of wanting to veg out in the evenings, I wanted to do things. I did all my kids baby photo albums that had been hanging around for 8 years!! 
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    SKUtah reacted to Rebecca001 in Round 3 and my “not worth it” list   
    So a week of healthier behaviour has paid off for me. I feel much brighter. My leg is still a bit sore to be honest, and I’m not running anywhere near as many miles as I have been it as I would like. I need to get back into daily yoga and generally self care a bit. 
    definitely I know that 3 meals a day and no snacks is working better for me. I did weigh myself a few days ago and I was shocked to see I had gained 7lbs since 1st April! The following day I was very strict, I cut carbs right down and tracked what I ate, and the following day it was gone, so it was clearly water retention but even so. It gave me a little shock! 
    we are going to Devon tomorrow to Sunday, and then on Monday I return to work, so I am determined to begin a full round of 30 days (fully, alcohol free and totally on it) beginning Monday 19th which will take us nicely up to mid May and hopefully the start of summer! 
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    SKUtah reacted to Healthgrab in First week down, 3 to go   
    Hello, congratulations on starting. I wish you all the best.
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    SKUtah reacted to Rebecca001 in Round 3 and my “not worth it” list   
    @SKUtahyep, grazing is my worst habit. I really do believe it is a habit too, as in it is something I can change with practice, but it’s a behaviour I often revert to when I am tired or stressed. I feel so much better when I don’t do it though, I am very insulin sensitive and grazing really plays havoc with that..
    I had a horrible day yesterday, felt really tired and washed out, had a nap mid afternoon which is very unlike me and just couldn’t shake the sleepy, worn out feeling all day. I ended up eating a lot of carbs and drinking wine which was not really a good idea. It all started with some NKD bars (uk version of larabars) which clearly although are technically compliant, they are not worth it one bit. 
    going away for a long weekend at the sea today, so I’m a bit worried about food and how that will pan out. It’s the first time I have headed out into the world with nothing prepared as back up and not really knowing where or when we eat. 
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    SKUtah reacted to wendy_mcg in Second round, first time difficult!   
    I’m on my 5th whole30 and this one is tough. I put on about 40 pounds in the pandemic.I decided enough was enough. My husband seems relieved that I’m ready to take my health back. I started April 1. I’m looking forward to tiger blood again.
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    SKUtah reacted to Rebecca001 in First week down, 3 to go   
    Welcome both! These forums are pretty quiet, it can be a bit of a ghost town.,
    I did my first W30 in July and then never really stopped, I reintroduced wine and then.... nothing. So I am still sugar, dairy , grain, soy etc free and going strong! 
    easter was tricky but I am so proud of myself to not succumbing to chocolate, especially as I could have legitimately ‘reintroduced’ some! 
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    SKUtah reacted to Nedster7 in First week down, 3 to go   
    Congrats on getting week 1 down! I think you were totally fine counting calories for those 3 days in the way that you did it. Way to go!
    I'm on day 1 today, was hoping to find some people to go on this journey together with, but doesn't seem like there's much action right now. Hope you don't mind if I join you here! 
    This is my 4th round of Whole30, started last minute this time because of time constraints. But I'm so excited to have a healthier me in 30 days!! I usually check here everyday so we can keep each other motivated! 
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    SKUtah got a reaction from Nedster7 in First week down, 3 to go   
    I'm on day 7. The Whole30 Day by Day journal has been pretty spot on with the timeline. I've had a few ups and downs but I just keep repeating the best line in the book, "One meal at a time." It's not that bad when I think of it that way.
    Confession: I know tracking calories is a no-no but I've been tracking calories but not why most people would think. I know that a person needs a minimum number of calories and I could tell the first 2 days that I was no where near the minimum. I tracked, yes, but to make sure I could gauge what was enough. I stopped after 3 days and have a better handle on when to add a little more fat to keep me full. I completely understand why we shouldn't track, though, and feel better not doing it. 
    I'll check in next week!
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    SKUtah got a reaction from MaryMack63 in Second round, first time difficult!   
    My first time committing to Whole30 was 2+ years ago and I had previously dropped over 60 pounds before starting and was in very good shape. I liked the concept of Whole30 but I was already eating extremely healthy so quite frankly, I just breezed through the 30 days and literally said, out loud, "what's the big deal?" Fast forward to the beginning of the pandemic, after a death and a separate serious illness in the family, my own job loss at 50+ years old from a job I thought I'd retire from, and the general stress of it all I stopped exercising and ate my feelings until I packed on 50 pounds in the span of about 12 months! As you can imagine, I feel like crap now and I know how to fix this but haven't had the energy to do so. Now I am back at it, I pulled out the Whole30 books and started a couple of days ago.
    NOW I GET IT! It took me a few weeks to prepare, not a week. I almost blamed Easter for delaying and then thought, "that's stupid" and decided to get going this week. I'm on day 3 and I'm feeling it, too. Seriously, I get it now. I'm actually looking forward to the all feelings and emotions described in the books and the journal. I also declared to my family that I am starting and at least one member of the family actually appeared to look relieved. I was slightly insulted for a nanosecond but the good news is that my family is so supportive and I actually think this time around is exactly what I need to snap out of this funk. 
    I plan, no commit, to posting at least once a week.