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  1. Thank you for your kind reply. (The soup issue in question is merely that I've never been able to successfully make it, it's my mom's vegetable soup; when I try, it turns out bland and just... not good. The chicken noodle soup I can make no problem, but that doesn't do me any good right now because two of the integral ingredients are non-compliant.) I've tried as many substitutions and changes to make things I like compliant as I could think of, but in many cases, there just is nothing comparable to use. A substantial amount of my cooking uses soy sauce or miso, and there is just nothing that tastes like it (as I said, coconut aminos just.... didn't, though I still have to try the fish sauce I purchased yesterday, so I have some small hope there.) I've done all the lettuce-for-bread swaps that I can handle, so I'm at least able to have some pale facsimile of things like tacos or fajita, and if I use enough lettuce to cover the flavor of hamburger I can kind of manage that too... but things like curry or any of the other 'the flavoring is the problem' foods are difficult. (I was never a big fan of the coconut milk base varieties, favoring the soy sauce more stew-like ones, and my go-to roux I honestly don't know how to make from scratch to try to get around it.) So I've made a great many adjustments to things I'm familiar with in trying to make them work and stay compliant with both the spirit and technicality of the rules, but have had very little success. (Past trying maybe coconut cream in the dill recipe, I don't know what else to use; almond milk wouldn't work, I don't think, it is replacing sour cream.) (I was going with the banana because it is a high fat fruit, but I guess I'm stuck again. I suppose I can choke down some avocado in the morning, too, since I'm not sure what else to do there. I made myself have a truly disgusting kale shake with coconut cream and (separately) a piece of sausage this morning just to get something in my system, but it was not a good time.) Perhaps I'm not eating enough, but I hadn't noticed if so; I'm not really hungry between meals anymore, and I'm full after I eat, just deeply unsatisfied. Unfortunately, no, I do not like fish. At all. I keep trying, but when I can get past the flavor, the texture puts me right off. Even more unfortunately, I really hate coconut. I've been trying to use it in recipes that have a strong enough flavor where I don't notice it, but it somewhat reduces my options. I have, however, been spending a large amount of my time since starting this program searching for compliant recipes I could work into our meal plans (including getting three of the books), though, with little success. I promise, I'm not just sitting here feeling sorry for myself, I am trying everything I can think of, it's just... not much has panned out. Like I said, at best, things are tolerable; I haven't enjoyed anything since the garlic green beans, and those are starting to get old, too. I went into this trying to be very positive, but it's difficult to keep that when you just don't... enjoy anything. All the same, I'm sure my attitude isn't helping, but I am not sure how to counter that without some sort of... improvement? I can't really be positive when the thing making me miserable isn't changing. In the end, I think I just really am going to have to suffer through this. It is what it is. Venting helped a little at least.
  2. I'm having some trouble coping with meals. I'm on day 19 right now, and I'm getting to the point where I actually have to force myself to eat at mealtimes. Breakfasts are the worst (I understand this at least is a common problem); I don't think I can choke down another egg, and that was the only thing that I would normally eat that I still could. I don't like most of my options, I'm having significant trouble finding a protein source that I can even remotely palate in the morning and try as I might mostly it's a fruit I have with it anyway, because I just can't make myself have a veggie that isn't carrots that early. Carrots really get old after a while, too. It's not just that though, the best I can say about anything I've eaten since I started is that I've tolerated it, I have enjoyed nothing, and it makes me frankly want to cry. I get that I have a somewhat emotional response to eating, as I do not enjoy many things in my day to day life and it was always a small thing I could look forward to, but not enjoying anything is becoming a really really difficult thing. I thought I had been mentally prepared for this at the start, knowing how restricted my meal prep was going to be during this (there's at least one aspect of every single meal that I would normally have that makes it off-limits to this plan), but it is becoming a very difficult hurdle to get over. I've mostly been having eggs in the morning lately with a banana for a fat and some carb and maybe a couple of carrots. I've been using salsa in the eggs for any kind of flavor, but I'm starting to find that repulsive. For the first two weeks I was having soup or chili that I made for lunch, and that was all right, but I can't make that soup and I don't want to ask my family to make another one for me, and the chili is just another thing that I'm choking down because I can't make it the way I'm used to eating chili. I don't find it enjoyable, I find it just barely palatable. Dinners are seeing some small but occasionally better results, but my only two real protein sources are beef and chicken because I can't stand sea food, do not eat pork that is not bacon, which I have not been able to find allowable to the program, and while I will sometimes eat a piece of roast turkey, I just can't make myself go through the effort to make a turkey dinner that I mostly won't be able to consume. So eggs are getting old, chicken is getting old, most of the ways I would cook beef I can't have right now, and I don't like the taste on its own. I could only finish half my petit serloin last night and that was a fight. I'm really missing my Japanese Curry, but it's made with a roux that I can't have, I would love to make some stir fry, but I can't have soy sauce, and coconut aminos do not taste good at all to me. I just bought some fish sauce in the hope that that would be closer, since that is what soy sauce was trying to be when it was first created anyway, but I don't have very high hopes at this point. Literally all of my flavors have been very garlic heavy, because it's one of the few things I can still have. (On the upside, I am probably invulnerable from vampires at this point.) But even garlic is a flavor is getting old now. I can't stand most of the common suggestions for sauces and Alternate meals, so I really don't know what to do at this point besides just accept that I'm going to hate everything I eat for the next two weeks, and try to force myself to eat it. I'm finding myself going further between meals and being hungry longer because of it though, so it is very much a fight of willpower to continue at this point. I'm not good company, and I am avoiding going out for social reasons not so much because I'm afraid of being exposed to food I can't have, but because my mood and attitude are so foul right now. I'm batch cooking what I can, because the effort to make meals I know I'm not going to like day in and day out is getting to be too much. Im mostly having sweet potatoes and green beans as the bulk of my dinner lately, but that is getting old fast. I don't really do salad right now because I don't eat salad dressing, and missing the cheese just makes it really Bland. Zoodles are tolerable at best, I've done steamed cauliflower a couple of times, again with garlic, but I never really like to cook cauliflower to begin with and eating raw veggies without some kind of dip just tastes Bland as well. And I can't make my dill dip because it has dairy in it. I don't like Ranch I don't like Mayo, I don't like much of anything I can still eat. I knew diet fatigue was a thing that could happen, but I never expected to actually experience it. I can understand how people die of it, because I just can't make myself eat some of this stuff anymore. I don't know that I expect any response that can actually help, I am very probably just on my own, but I needed to vent because this is very rough, and I am very unhappy, and can expect about another two weeks of being very unhappy at least. The health benefits I'm supposed to be excited about are minimal at best: my energy has not improved, my pain has not improved, and I'm not sleeping any better; I'm having slightly better results with my IBS, but I already had that mostly under control when I started watching my fat sources , and I can't say the slight Improvement is worth this) and I can't check if I've had any luck with my weight which is the only thing I am really leveraging this effort against for a few weeks yet.