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  1. Roslyn Murphy

    Your favorite tea

    The Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea IS good! SO good! It's crazy. I bet I have 25 teas in my pantry (no joke) from buying them all and not liking any of them without stevia! BUT that one is good along with TAZO wild orange and passion fruit. Yay for good teas! I also have come to love my coffee whipped with some coconut milk and that's all. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO amazed and excited! I'm on day 25 and I feel like I'm jsut gonna KEEP-THIS-UP! Whoop- whoop!
  2. Roslyn Murphy

    Your favorite tea

    I was having little luck but just tried an Orange tea by Tazo and it is good!
  3. Roslyn Murphy

    Your favorite tea

    Thank you! I did taste my boyfriends black coffee a couple of times and thought, maaaybe. I'll try this too! Thanks!
  4. Roslyn Murphy

    Your favorite tea

    Does it taste like black licorice?
  5. Roslyn Murphy

    Your favorite tea

    Hi! I'm getting ready to start whole30 and am giving up coffee (b/c I cannot drink it black). I was wondering what tea you all liked to drink b/c I know I'll be wanting something warm (or maybe occasionally iced). I would appreciate your recommendations. Caffeinated or not. . . THANKS!