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  1. I am on day 24. I started the whole30 journey due to a skin rash and overall getting healthy. I am thrilled for the decision. Overall I have felt improvement however, this week I have started to get “small” exacerbation of rashes. Not sure why. I have followed the plan 100% and have not deviated. I am curious if this is due to my body still trying to regulate or deal with long term inflammation, allergy to nightshades, or if anyone else has experienced a exacerbation of a condition during Whole30. Just trying to figure what is happening. Look forward to hearing any feedback.
  2. Jlp1166

    Anyone else starting this week?

    I am starting Tuesday, February 12 along with my son and brother. I have played with Whole 30 for years but haven’t actually followed it purposefully. I have a terrible eczema rash that gets worse each time it comes back. I know it is due to something or multiple things I am ingesting. Nothing seems to help. Decided to follow the Whole30 fully and completely and do what I can to be rid of this rash once and for all! Glad this forum is here!