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  1. Christie Inge, HHC

    How important is the timing of when you eat?

    For additional reading, check out this blog post that Melissa wrote about rules vs. recommendations:
  2. Christie Inge, HHC


    These are compliant. The only food additives/preservatives that aren't compliant are MSG, carrageenan, sulfites. There are definitely better pickle choices but you're good for your Whole30.
  3. Christie Inge, HHC

    Baked wings from a restaurant?

    For anyone curious, my Buffalo Wild Wings fries all of their wings in tallow! You'll have to check your local one to see but most of them do.
  4. Christie Inge, HHC

    Packet salmon-pea

    Peas are out. So, you'd want to skip this until you've completed your W30 and reintroduced legumes.
  5. Christie Inge, HHC

    What would you do?

    So, I totally understand the whole not wanting to waste food thing. AND, what I've also realized along the way is that food is always going to get wasted; we have an overabundance of food in the US and unless you are going to ship it off to people in less fortunate countries, you can waste it in the trash or in your body. As far as the neighbor, if it continues to happen, you may need to have an honest conversation with her and perhaps discuss other ways you might be able to connect that isn't food (her actual motivation for bringing you the scones was probably to connect with you).
  6. Christie Inge, HHC

    How important is the timing of when you eat?

    This is the difference between the rules and the recommendations. If you eat ONLY whole 30 approved foods and follow the other rules, you will have done a whole 30. But, if you also follow the recommendations, including: following the meal template eating within an hour of rising eating enough that you can go 4 to 5 hours without eating again no snacking between meals unless you are genuinely hungry (but then start beefing up your actual meals so you can get through without snacks) That is when you will get the best results. So, I'd encourage you to try following the meal template and the other recommendations and see for yourself what results that creates for you.
  7. Christie Inge, HHC

    How to Incorporate Mayo

    In addition to all of the other suggestions, I add it to a squeeze bottle and use it on both the bahn mi bowls from well fed as well as the potsticker stir fry from Nom Nom paleo.
  8. Christie Inge, HHC

    How do you drink your coffee on whole30?

    I drink black cold brew. The cold brew makes ALL the difference in the smoothness. But, that said, on the occasion that I drink hot coffee, I like nutpods or coconut milk. Or, blended with MCT oil also makes it a little creamy and frothy.
  9. On the Whole30, it is recommended that fruit be limited to being part of meal and not to the exclusion of veggies. Following the meal template is best. That said, a huge part of the W30 is about healing your relationship with food and using fruit as a dessert is only going to feed unhealthy habits with food. Ask yourself if you need the banana for sustenance or if you are just eating it to satisfy a sweet tooth. If it's for sustenance, you might also try starchy vegetables or perhaps even increasing fat.