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  1. tamcot68

    Back Acne

    Completed Whole 30 in March and have stuck to the program 90% of April one of the biggest changes I noticed..for years I have horrible ugly back acne this week I noticed that it has completely cleared up. I can now feel just a little less self conscious in a swimsuit this summer
  2. tamcot68

    Day 7-insomina

    On Day 7, haven't been able to sleep for 2 nights. I don't drink caffeine,, following plan and currently no stress or worries that would keep me up at night.
  3. tamcot68

    Picky eater

    Loves eggs. His favorite dinner is the British dish, of eggs, toast and beans. Any one pot meal soups or casseroles are favorites. Thank you!
  4. tamcot68

    Picky eater

    He doesn't like a lot of meats or fish. We are sort of vegetarians because he doesn't like a lot of meat products. Bread and creamy soups are his thing. Corn Chowder, baked potato soup, etc.
  5. tamcot68

    Picky eater

    My husband is having gastric bypass at the end of March the diet he has to follow 2 weeks prior is strict, to ease into he agreed to do the Whole 30. Problem he is a picky eater ( basically we eat the same 4 things for dinner every week), it took me over an hour last night showing him recipes to finally get him to consistent to 3 Whole 30 recipes for dinner this week. It is going be lonnnng month (and serious test of our marriage).
  6. tamcot68


    Thanks. I struggle with eating raw fruits and vegetables. Which is why I enjoy smoothies. Veggies I can cook into things or roast. Fruits get mixed into stuff. Thank you for the suggestions.
  7. tamcot68


    I usually eat blueberries or other berries with yogurt or agave. Any substitute s that I can do? I don't like eating them plain.
  8. tamcot68

    I am excited and hope to make it to 30.

    On Sundays i enjoy a hot bath and an Aperol Spritz or Amaretto on ice that is goung to be hard to give up.
  9. I have gastroparesis (my stomach muscles are weak so I digests food slowly), therefore meats (mainly beef), raw fruits & vegetables don't digest easily. Currently i get my fruits & veggies via smoothies. wondering how Whole 30 will work with gastroparesis. I do take a daily medication that helps with digestion.
  10. tamcot68

    Starting 2/17

    My husband is having gastric bypass surgery at the end of March. The diet he has to follow 2 weeks before surgery is very strict, so we going to ease into by doing Whole 30. My best friend has been on it for 3 months and is very satisfied.