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    Reintro Off Schedule - How to get back on track?

    Thanks for the feedback! Sounds like I'll just keep trucking along! It was sooooo hard not to give in to those foods, but I knew I would feel so awful and back to square one. I credit whole30 and fat adapting to getting me through that day successfully!
  2. My reintro got messed up. Thursday I did legumes (little gassy but otherwise fine) but Friday was supposed to be back to Whole30 but I found myself without access to food for 15 hours at work. I did skip the pizza and donuts they were supplying (phew!) and got a hold of some gluten free meal bars (gomacro and Tahoe trailbar) but they have a variety of ingredients (rice chocolate soy etc) and the coffee supplied all had milk and sugar so I had only a little. My plan was to go back to Whole30 Saturday and for two more days (one extra day than reintro schedule) and then go to the next step of the reintro. Or should I go longer? I’m kind of lost. I hope the answer isn’t “start over with Whole30” haha.