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  1. I fourth the Aidell’s Chicken & Apple recommendation! I honestly used to HATE chicken sausages; this is the first I’ve ever liked! Used it for a sausage-sweet potato-apple breakfast skillet this week and YUM! Also, compliant bacon. I honestly don’t usually buy bacon, but I know I’m going to get sick of chicken, so I decided to throw this in for a change of pace. Made compliant breadless BLTs this week that were really good!
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    Soy Lecithin

    I just started my second Whole30 after about 10 days of an elimination diet beforehand, so I eased into it a little better. However, during the elimination diet, I got horribly sick the first 5 days of it, and that was just cutting out some dairy and egg yolks. I’m sure my body was in detox mode, which it sounds like yours may be, too. Oftentimes it’s a week, for others it’s longer. Let me just say, though, it gets easier if you do decide to do it again. I didn’t make it through my first Whole30 (I think I made it 16 days) - I craved cheese too much, I wasn’t fully committed, I didn’t prep, and I ate out too much not worrying about cheating (if I didn’t know something was in my meal that was noncompliant, it didn’t count to me). This time around, I went grocery shopping my first day and really stocked up on produce, I saved meals from Pinterest that looked appealing to me, and I put myself first. That last part really is the hardest. Whether you decide to end the program early or continue with it, I urge you to consider trying a second Whole30 sometime. The first time trying anything new is super hard, and oftentimes, it’s more of a learning opportunity than really a chance to take full advantage of it. But the learning part was definitely helpful for me - I learned how disciplined I wasn’t, how much I was putting others before myself, and what I needed to do to succeed if I tried again. And while I’m only technically on Day 3, I’m feeling great so far. I will also say my last Whole30 was over a year ago, so it took me a while to be ready for it again. Also, in regards to your eggs comment, I just found out I’m sensitive to egg yolks, so I’m trying not to eat eggs at all. It’s SUPER hard for breakfasts, but I found some awesome recipes that actually keep me full all morning! I made a sausage-apple-sweet potato skillet this week that’s AWESOME. I’d recommend taking like an hour this weekend or one evening to research foods/meals you might like to try. It makes me excited to eat my next meal instead of dreading it for sure!
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    What do you drink?

    I believe Tazo Tea is compliant, and I used to brew Passion and pour it over ice ‘cause it has a TON of flavor. It looks like they actually make an iced version now, too, but I like it hot half the time, so just using the regular tea bags works for me. But I’m normally a tea person. Honestly, though, it kinda tastes like juice it’s so strong, so it may help flavor-wise.