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  1. I just do salt and pepper and then throw the in a frying pan with clarified butter, about 2-3 minutes on each side (a little more or less depending on the size). I always cook them thawed. They are so simple but delicious and easy to throw on a salad or with a side of veggies and sweet potato. Shrimp this way (or salmon cooked the same way) are staples of mine on nights when there is no time to make a more involved meal!
  2. Hello! I just completed another round of my Whole 30 after having a baby on January 12th (I started when my son was 1 month old)! I'm exclusively breastfeeding and was also really worried about maintaining my milk supply through the 30 days. I did a lot of reading and also talked to my doctor before starting again because it was really important for me to continue breastfeeding and make sure that the baby was getting the proper nutrition as well as me. I ended up doing a couple of things that worked for me because I had no drop off at all in my supply through this round. First, I was drinking a TON of water. I don't usually track my water intake, but I started make sure i was drinking between 100 and 125 ounces of water daily. I also started taking a supplement called Fenugreek. That helped keep my milk supply up with my first child and has helped as well with this child. But the most important thing I did was listen to my body to make sure I was eating enough food. Since it was more food than I was used to eating on Whole30 (like way more than the other times I have done it), it definitely took a few days of listening to my body and looking for signals to figure out how much I should be eating to support my milk supply. I tried to work in some of the "starchier" root vegetables like carrots, turnips and sweet potatoes and they seemed to help. Your body will tell you when it needs more nutrients to support your supply so just try to listen as best you can. It was definitely hard committing to the program with a young child, but so worth it. A ton of my postpartum aches and pains completely went away and the little sleep I have been getting with a new baby has been much more sound and refreshing. Good luck!
  3. Hello! I started my most recent Whole30 on February 10th and am very excited to be joining the forum! I've done several rounds of this in the past, but I just had a baby on January 12th, so I am looking to get (and hopefully also give) some additional support. I've always done the program exclusively with a group of friends working together to support each other, so I am very excited to have the larger group to lean on for questions and help. I was going to wait a little longer to start the program this time, but I am sick of feeling so poor and am ready to get my tiger blood back!! The first week was a little more difficult than I remember, but I am exclusively breastfeeding and still working on the meal planning/food intake adjustments that go along with that. I'm so glad that I will have this larger forum for questions that come up and also to give any help that I can to others in the group!