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  1. Mel Maki

    La Croix

    Thank you everyone for your insights. I appreciate it. @laura_juggles, I also appreciate the honesty Maybe for my March budget, I'll leave La Croix out!!
  2. Mel Maki

    La Croix

    I have read articles with research lately about bubbly water leading to weight gain.. so that's why I asked.
  3. Mel Maki

    La Croix

    On Day #19 and loving it so far! I haven't had any nightmares this week where I accidentally eat something that not's compliant and then have to start over.. so that's good More than anything, I have noticed a HUGE change in how I sleep! I used to wake up multiple times a night for hours at a time and also took 90+ minutes to fall asleep. Those days are gone, thanks to Whole30. My two questions are: - Is it possible to drink TOO MUCH La Croix? I don't drink it because I'm craving sugar, but rather because I drink so much water that I just get sick of it sometimes. I like having a La Croix with my lunch but am worried about it causing me to gain weight. Any insights are appreciated. - Does anyone have tips/tricks of how to do Whole30 on a budget? I have nearly doubled my grocery bill this month and my man isn't too happy. What are your favorite cost friendly items and recipes? Thanks in advance!! Mel