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    Finished Whole30 a few days ago

    Haha I totally get the weight loss thing I lost ten pounds and ten inches my first round, and I gained two pounds and lost half an inch on my second round. When I examined my food log, I was eating a lot more nuts/nut butter as my fat (and probably too large portions as well). Weight is an arbitrary number though, and BMI is not indicative of health (I wish my doctor understood that); my trainer is technically obese on the BMI scale, but that's because he is buff and full of muscles, so remember that weight is just a number (I'm saying that partially for you, and partially for me heh). I actually weigh a little more now than 2 years ago, but I'm a size 8/10 versus a 10/12. You may want to check out a Facebook group my fellow coaches created: for women 50+. I feel like my face has lost the most weight (and yes, my belly as well), but I do wish the arms, thighs and belly were better, but I know it's a process, and they are much better than 2 years ago, so it's progress, just slow. I spaced out my second reintroduction, doing one food a week (since I reacted to every group) to see how much I could push things. I did get a little stir crazy at the end of the second month, but it really was a good experiment. If I space out the foods by a good 3-4 days, I react less. Dairy and gluten are my worst offenders - dairy gives me acne and/or eczema on my face, and gluten gives me headaches and stomachaches.
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    Good luck! How did your first day go?
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    Start date MARCH 11-- accountability buddies

    @KalinaM I hope your weekend went well! Great job staying the course, the first two weeks are the hardest. My client did hit the "kill all the things" (her poor husband and coworkers teehee) but once she hit "tiger blood", she was awesome. If anyone needs the timeline calendar, scroll to the bottom of this link: and print out one of the calendars
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    Period Returns After Being Pre-Menopausal

    I know this thread is a bit old, but some of my fellow coaches have started a group on Facebook called "Whole30 Fabulous After 50" if you are looking for more support. The group can be found here:
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    Finally finished 30 days!

    Congratulations on finishing! \o/ Have you reintroduced gluten?
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    Reintro Day... oh I don't know! Help required!

    @Lorna from Canada Food freedom is definitely a process! Even for me, after 3 rounds of Whole30 and becoming a coach, I still have to "do the work". The book "Food Freedom Forever" goes a lot in depth, but here's an excerpt from the website: . Am I 100% perfect? Heck no. Do I do the work 100% of the time? Heck no, but I do do the work most of the time, and I don't punish and berate myself if I eat something without thinking it through. Rather, I go through the process and talk to myself and try to figure out why I didn't do the work (was I sad, ravenous, upset, etc), and remind myself to be more mindful next time. Knowing that dairy, legumes give me skin issues and gluten makes me feel terrible, all help to keep me eating what is best for me. AND...just remember, because you have a BITE of something, that doesn't mean you need to finish the whole thing if you don't want to!
  7. Hi duexieme! I second the professional help, especially since you come from a disordered eating background. The therapist can help you work through issues as well as tweaking the Whole30 meal template to better suit you. There are no "good" and "bad" foods, just fuel that works better for you, and fuel that doesn't work as well. Since you exercised, you may have not eaten enough in total, thus the hunger. It's good that you are recognizing hunger, and fueling yourself with a mini-meal.
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    Day 29

    Be sure to follow the Whole30 meal template: I feel you could definitely add some vegetables to your breakfast. Fruit is recommended occasionally, so eat it with your meals, rather than as a snack. If you need a snack, go for a mini-meal with protein, vegetable & fat.
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    Finished Whole30 a few days ago

    Good on you for learning what works for you, and those are some awesome NSVs! I guess I'm on the other side of the scale, I had a reaction to everything (mostly mild though, except gluten!) I mainly eat Whole30, except for the added sugar, when I'm not on a round. Whole30 isn't meant to be a weight loss diet, but many people do see weight loss due to eating whole foods versus processed foods. Keep focusing on your NSV!
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    Day 29

    Congratulations on making it to day 29! One more day to go! A lot of Whole30'ers choose to extend their Whole30 beyond the 30 days to 45, sometimes, 90, 180, in their journey to heal their gut. Other things that may be helpful are compliant kombucha, kim chee, sauerkraut which are naturally fermented and contain probiotics. If the poo issues are concerning, please visit your doctor. Do you have any examples of what/how much you have been eating?
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    Starting 3/18, first time, for 60th birthday!

    Congrats on taking the plunge! Real talk... veggie noodles are not exactly the same as wheat pasta. Nothing I've come across can replicate the texture, BUT I love vegetables, so don't mind veggie noodles at all. I think of zucchini noodles (zoodles) and spaghetti squash as delicious, healthy vehicles for getting the sauce into my mouth. They are just as filling, but don't leave me bloated and tired after eating a whole bowl. For the wine, look into Spindrift sparkling water for an evening "drink" with your dinner. I recommend the book "Day by Day" by Melissa Hartwig. It's a daily tracker as well as daily inspiration that is pretty spot on for every day of your Whole30. It also has a few journal type questions, that help you introspect better on this journey.
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    Mild acne, still not cleared on day 57

    I'm not a medical professional, but have you considered visiting a dermatologist? There may be something else going on that isn't related to food, maybe a different lotion (or sensitivity to an existing one) or shampoo. But if you believe it's food, maybe research into AIP (autoimmune protocol). Through Whole30, I learned that dairy and sugar wreck havoc on my skin (I have eczema and acne), so I'm grateful to have found this program. Chin/jawline acne for me was almost always hormone related. And drinking enough liquids, sometimes I get so busy, I completely forget and fall asleep, then feel terrible the next day.
  13. Journaling and noting NSV were so helpful to me for staying on track. 30 days is a drop in the bucket compared to your 39 years of marriage! you can do this! I labeled the tops of containers that weren't compliant so I wouldn't grab it by accident when I first started my Whole30 journey (I wasn't about to toss out a just opened bottle of red wine vinegar for 30 days...).
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    Started March 16!!

    Welcome! How did your first day go?
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    Started March 2nd, so far so good.

    Great job making it to day 17! Only a couple more weeks to go! What non-scale victories have you seen so far? If you're on Instagram, check out the Whole30 recipes account to help breakup the food boredom. What have you been eating? Remember, Whole30 isn't intended to be a weight loss "diet", but rather a nutritional reset to help you understand what foods work best for you. :)
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    Bacon! Please Help

    Sugar free bacon is hard for me to find here in Hawaii, even at Whole Foods and Costco, so I kind of stopped checking over a year ago. I am good with proscuitto!