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    Starting April 1

    @Sunshine2020 Hmm.. it's hard to describe, and it kind of seems "magical" when everyone talks about it. For me, I stopped being so bitchy (pardon my French). Little things that would just annoy me, didn't really annoy me, I would acknowledge that it was a bump, but it was "eh, whatever". I didn't feel my blood pressure go up, or eye twitch. I didn't feel bloated, swollen, sluggish in the morning or feeling like I needed that caffeine boost to get going. I think Tiger Blood hits around the 3rd week, so I feel it's partially mental as well because you've been doing this hard thing for 2 weeks, you have survived the hardest parts, you've gotten into a groove, and you realize, YOU'VE GOT THIS and Whole30 isn't so daunting anymore! It's something to be proud of. This link will give you more details Your Whole30 is YOUR Whole30, so your Tiger Blood will also be uniquely yours. My friend, on the other hand, was basically farting rainbows, her change was so dramatic, her coworkers asked "what happened to you?" haha...
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    Starting April 1

    @Fit4Me I rotate my breakfasts between 1 Aidell's chicken apple sausage and a cup of broccoli (or whatever veg I have around) and an egg bake; I'll eat both with a Wholly Guacamole mini. I'll broil the sausages (8 total) on a Sunday, and be set for the week. The egg bake also makes 8 pieces. Just remember, meal 1 doesn't have to be "breakfast". It could be your dinner leftovers (steak, roasted veg, olives) or fried eggs atop salad greens. @Sunshine2020 @Elizabeth33 @trafficjamdreaming glad you made it through your KATT Hang in there, tiger blood is around the corner! Your coworkers will wonder what happened!
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    RX bars?

    The pre- and post-workout meals are recommended and not necessarily required; it's mainly for people doing super high energy expenditures. 150 minutes per week isn't very high intensity, so you may not be hungry enough for a pre/post workout meal. Gauge yourself by your hunger. If you're really hungry at dinner, eat a little more protein and fat. If you feel weak during your workouts, you may want to continue with your pre-workout snack. Could you swap out your RX Bar for an egg/avocado snack instead? Even though they are compliant, they are still full of sugar, so it may keep feeding your sugar dragon. Do you drink the whole bottle of kombucha? Are you finding that you "need" the kombucha (ie, is it subbing for your evening wine/beer?) ?
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    Nope, it's sweetened with cane sugar.
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    Day 7 - Nausea, Vomitting

    Hi @haley12 I'm sorry you're feeling poorly! I'm not a medical professional, but nausea and vomiting are generally atypical on a Whole30. Different bowel movements, however, have been seen on the Whole30 as your gut starts to heal (review the timeline here: I would recommend a trip to your doctor to get checked out, just to make sure nothing else is going on, as well as make sure you're OK to undertake the Whole30. From your food log that you posted, you could definitely be eating more fat (fat is satiating), and more protein. The recommended meal template (link here: doesn't weigh or portion your food, rather it uses your hand as a guideline for food portions (1-2 palm sized portions of protein). For most people, a recommended serving of eggs is 3 - what you can hold in your hand (I usually do two because I am on the smaller side).
  6. Hi @dontgetsad ! Sorry I didn't see this earlier! I'm not a medical professional, but as I recommend to anyone with a history of disordered eating to get clearance from your doctor before embarking on a Whole30 as the rules/recommendations can bring up some stressors. The meal template is a recommendation, not a rule I helped a client plan out 5 mini meals to accommodate her schedule and stomach size. It was basically splitting up what she would have had for meal 1, 2 and 3 into a small meal 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, with the understanding to try to eat larger meals, but listen to her body (don't stuff yourself, listen to hunger signals). So for meal one, it'd be an egg muffin (veg and potatotes) and half an avocado. Meal 2 would be some nuts and a protein. Meal 3 would be a salad with avo, a palm sized portion of protein. Meal 4 would be protein and a fat (like a hard boiled egg, and some nuts) with some fruit. Meal 5 would be a normal dinner with sweet potato, protein and lots of veg. She did well with this, and if she had to miss a meal, she would add it to her next meal. Unfortunately, we didn't get to work together long enough to try to tweak the meals from 5 to 3, but she felt better when we made adjustments to the meal sizes. Maybe you can eat an egg muffin loaded with vegetables for meal 1 and 2, then sneak in more veggies at meals 3 and 5...?
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    Start date MARCH 11-- accountability buddies

    Happy birthday, Kalina! Your dinner sounds delicious!
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    @Lorna from Canada Haha it took me a year to work up to having coffee without sweetener (I could drink it without creamer, but still needed Truvia), so I swapped to black tea. Changing taste buds takes time. That's great that you've been losing weight! I had a bout of depression/anger earlier this month, as I got weighed at my doctor's office, and I was up to 160 pounds (I am only 5'0"). I've been trying for 2 years to get the scale to say 140. Logically, I know I am smaller (I am an 8/10 versus a 10/12), but gah, that number and that scale is such a polarizing thing. I am still working through in my head how to articulate it into a blog/Instagram post. @Bootsie1947 sorry we hijacked your thread, I hope you are feeling better about your food freedom! I had a horrible cold last week, so my diet hasn't been very paleo (I have been having lots of not very clean chocolate (Snickers, Mounds) and I had some rice and pho, and some juice. I could beat myself up and say I've gone off the rails, and that eating like this is not in alignment with my weight loss goals, but I know I was sick (still am!) so as long as I am getting nutrition in (I sometimes am not hungry as well), I know I can clean up my diet when I am feeling better. So, please do give yourself some grace and kindness as you are on a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to figure out what works for you, how much you can push your food freedom days (some people call them cheat days, but that's still labeling a food as good/bad).
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    @Lorna from Canada haha yes! I used to have a medium nonfat latte which was 3 points. I was starving by 2PM lol I loved Whole30 so much, I became a coach. Someone asked me today at work "so what DO you eat?" I said "steak!" and I said "what are you eating?". She said "greek yogurt and blueberries." I replied with "oh..." haha
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    I gained weight on WW and felt so much shame at meetings when you get weight and they're like "oh, well, you have to pay, and you'll do better next week" without actually explaining anything about the "why" or "how"....
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    Starting 3/25/19

    I also forgot to tell you about the Whole Mama Happy Baby Club that's devoted for moms!
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    Starting April 1

    April 1 would be great since it's a Monday, and April has 30 days! I like to use these calendars to keep track of my days: (scroll to the bottom and you'll see a color and grayscale calendar) since I've rarely started a round on the 1st day of the month. Let us know if you have any questions!
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    Starting 3/25/19

    I think you'll do just fine! You're past the mental hump of no sugar, no bread, no cereals If you're on Instagram, check out Kelsey at littlebitsof_realfood as she'll post every few days of how she splits her paleo (she's not on a Whole30 round) foods with her 8.5 month old baby, it might give you some ideas so you don't feel like you have to make something special for your baby. I don't meal prep, I live pretty much as close to Whole30 as I can because of reactions to most of the eliminated food groups. I will plan 2-3 meals per week, then rotate them between lunches and dinners. My breakfast is pretty boring, just vegetables and a chicken apple sausage with a side of guac; I'll cook 8 sausages for the week, then dump a sausage in a container with veg and off to work I go. A lot of people find success in prepping several proteins (plain-ish - baked, instant pot) with a bunch of different vegetables so they can mix and match to create different dishes throughout the week (add taco seasonings, bbq sauce, ranch, etc). And thank goodness steak is Whole30 compliant Hope that helped a little!
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    Multi symptom Rolaids advanced

    @SchrodingersCat I was going to tell you Whole Foods has a really affordable lemon juice in a bottle, but I realize you are probably across the pond with "Rennie" (well, two ponds from me). It's OK, I messed up on day 1 of my very first Whole30, twice really. I forgot what I did on the first batch of homemade marinara, but I dumped it (it was really wasteful), and then I screwed up on my second batch of marinara by adding a garlic spice blend with SOY in it... this is at 8:30 at night... I was so mad... but oh well. Reset and become a much better label reader from that day on 95% better, mostly.
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    Multi symptom Rolaids advanced

    First of all, I'm not a medical professional, but doctor's orders always trump Whole30 rules, so if these were prescribed for you to take, you should keep taking them. But if it's something not prescribed, you may want to work with your doctor to find something that will work within the Whole30 rules (without knowing the ingredients, I'm just guessing). Most OTC medicines that are chewables contain sugar or a form of fake sugar, some of which you may be sensitive to, and you won't know which ones affect you until you eliminate them. BUT.. since it's your first day, you could just extend out a day, and consider today a "trial run". This is YOUR Whole30, you do you, so you'll need to decide for yourself if you want to start over.
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    Starting 3/25- here’s to eating clean

    Hi Courtney! Is this your first round of Whole30 or have you been through a round before? My recommendation for my clients is always the same: Stock up on pantry staples like canned pumpkin, salmon, tuna, sardines, tomatoes. They'll get you out of a bind when you don't have time/energy to cook. Plan out your first week's meals if you're into meal prepping. Also pick up some emergency snacks (single portion compliant meat sticks/beef jerky, single size of compliant nuts or nut butters, compliant fruit bars) to keep in your desk or bag. Plan where you can get a compliant meal; if you can't get a compliant, plan how you can make it compliant (get a plain salad, add some hard boiled eggs, use lemon juice as dressing....)
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    Hi Bootsie! If I'm understanding your question, you want to know how to keep yourself on track in food freedom? I'd recommend a Whole30 to reset everything, maybe your cravings are out of control, thus why you can only do it for 2 days, then "fall off the wagon" (which may not be falling off the wagon). I definitely recommend reading "Food Freedom Forever" as it goes through a lot of mental/emotional aspects to our eating habits. This blog post touches on some of the higher points of the book: but remember, food freedom is a journey, and it takes us time and practice to get there. After all, we're trying undo a lifetime of habits that got us to where we are. Always remember, your health goals and your "why". If I misunderstood your question, please let me know, and I'll try my best to answer.
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    Finished Whole30 a few days ago

    Not a problem, ask away! Just reintro the food for one day, so if you were doing non-gluten grains, have some rice at breakfast, corn with your salad, and quinoa at dinner. Some people separate out groups even more (corn vs. everything else, soy vs. everything else) because they're curious to see if a particular food is troublesome. Then after your day of reintro-ing non-gluten grains, you go back to Whole30 for the rest of the week (6 days).
  19. Shani_SWP

    Finished Whole30 a few days ago

    Haha I totally get the weight loss thing I lost ten pounds and ten inches my first round, and I gained two pounds and lost half an inch on my second round. When I examined my food log, I was eating a lot more nuts/nut butter as my fat (and probably too large portions as well). Weight is an arbitrary number though, and BMI is not indicative of health (I wish my doctor understood that); my trainer is technically obese on the BMI scale, but that's because he is buff and full of muscles, so remember that weight is just a number (I'm saying that partially for you, and partially for me heh). I actually weigh a little more now than 2 years ago, but I'm a size 8/10 versus a 10/12. You may want to check out a Facebook group my fellow coaches created: for women 50+. I feel like my face has lost the most weight (and yes, my belly as well), but I do wish the arms, thighs and belly were better, but I know it's a process, and they are much better than 2 years ago, so it's progress, just slow. I spaced out my second reintroduction, doing one food a week (since I reacted to every group) to see how much I could push things. I did get a little stir crazy at the end of the second month, but it really was a good experiment. If I space out the foods by a good 3-4 days, I react less. Dairy and gluten are my worst offenders - dairy gives me acne and/or eczema on my face, and gluten gives me headaches and stomachaches.
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    Good luck! How did your first day go?
  21. Shani_SWP

    Start date MARCH 11-- accountability buddies

    @KalinaM I hope your weekend went well! Great job staying the course, the first two weeks are the hardest. My client did hit the "kill all the things" (her poor husband and coworkers teehee) but once she hit "tiger blood", she was awesome. If anyone needs the timeline calendar, scroll to the bottom of this link: and print out one of the calendars
  22. Shani_SWP

    Period Returns After Being Pre-Menopausal

    I know this thread is a bit old, but some of my fellow coaches have started a group on Facebook called "Whole30 Fabulous After 50" if you are looking for more support. The group can be found here:
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    Finally finished 30 days!

    Congratulations on finishing! \o/ Have you reintroduced gluten?
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    Reintro Day... oh I don't know! Help required!

    @Lorna from Canada Food freedom is definitely a process! Even for me, after 3 rounds of Whole30 and becoming a coach, I still have to "do the work". The book "Food Freedom Forever" goes a lot in depth, but here's an excerpt from the website: . Am I 100% perfect? Heck no. Do I do the work 100% of the time? Heck no, but I do do the work most of the time, and I don't punish and berate myself if I eat something without thinking it through. Rather, I go through the process and talk to myself and try to figure out why I didn't do the work (was I sad, ravenous, upset, etc), and remind myself to be more mindful next time. Knowing that dairy, legumes give me skin issues and gluten makes me feel terrible, all help to keep me eating what is best for me. AND...just remember, because you have a BITE of something, that doesn't mean you need to finish the whole thing if you don't want to!