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    Shani_SWP reacted to KalinaM in Start date MARCH 11-- accountability buddies   
    It's so funny you mention this! I just had a dream last night that I took my son to Chick-Fil-A and indulged in nuggets and then CRIED that I messed up on day 8! So relieved it was a dream!
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    Shani_SWP reacted to plantsower in Finished Whole30 a few days ago   
    Thanks for clearing that up, Shani.  
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    Shani_SWP reacted to ALM Grandma in Pantry Fridge not compliant hubby not whole 30   
    Great idea on labeling the tops, I will do this on refrigerated items. These seem harder to separate than the pantry in my house.
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    Shani_SWP reacted to laura_juggles in Bacon! Please Help   
    @Shani_SWP Yes! And when you cook prosciutto, it gets crispy like bacon, so voila! It's waaaaaay easier to find compliant prosciutto. 
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    Shani_SWP got a reaction from Lorna from Canada in Reintro Day... oh I don't know! Help required!   
    @Lorna from Canada Food freedom is definitely a process! Even for me, after 3 rounds of Whole30 and becoming a coach, I still have to "do the work". The book "Food Freedom Forever" goes a lot in depth, but here's an excerpt from the website: . Am I 100% perfect? Heck no. Do I do the work 100% of the time? Heck no, but I do do the work most of the time, and I don't punish and berate myself if I eat something without thinking it through. Rather, I go through the process and talk to myself and try to figure out why I didn't do the work (was I sad, ravenous, upset, etc), and remind myself to be more mindful next time.  Knowing that dairy, legumes give me skin issues and gluten makes me feel terrible, all help to keep me eating what is best for me. AND...just remember, because you have a BITE of something, that doesn't mean you need to finish the whole thing if you don't want to!  
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    Shani_SWP got a reaction from Preston in Day 29   
    Be sure to follow the Whole30 meal template: 
    I feel you could definitely add some vegetables to your breakfast. Fruit is recommended occasionally, so eat it with your meals, rather than as a snack. If you need a snack, go for a mini-meal with protein, vegetable & fat.