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    Hi @Cliffer,
    Congratulations on making it to day 22, it sounds like you've turned into a chef! Now, it's time for some tough love. RX Bars, Larabars and dried fruit are meant to be emergency foods, not daily snacks; emergencies like when you get stuck in a meeting that runs long, and you don't have time to sit and eat a regular meal, or you're at your kid's baseball practice or stuck in traffic. It sounds like you may have replaced your regular carby snacking (chips, cookies, candy, etc) with healthier bars and fruit, but remember, these are still sugar bombs, even if the sugar comes from dates. Make sure to follow the meal template so you're fueling yourself enough to avoid in between meal cravings; what is your "fish and broccoli" mini meal to determine if you're really hungry or if you're just bored/angry/tired/upset? Fruit is also recommended to be "occasionally" so try to cut back to one serving a day. As for the cravings, go back to what brought you to Whole30, remember your why (this is the mental work portion of Whole30). Whole30 isn't meant for weight loss, it's meant to change your relationship with food. Update your list of "what to do when cravings hit" and focus on other NSV. You still have another 10 days of reintroduction after day 30 that includes Whole30 foods, so start working on your reintroduction plan and focus on one day at a time.
    Meal template:
    Hunger vs craving:
    NSV list:
    Whole30 reintroduction: &
    Trust the process. You got this!
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    Shani_SWP got a reaction from AnnaKM in Dealing with loss during whole30   
    I'm so sorry for your loss. Sometimes the routine of Whole30 helps eliminate the guilt of binge/comfort eating because you know you are fueling yourself in a healthy manner, and gives us something to focus on while we're grieving. Can you eat before the wake or bring your own dish to eat? Maybe offer to help her with the food so you can get some Whole30 meals in there?
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    Thanks for your reply Shani, I’ll give that tea a try!
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    Shani_SWP got a reaction from BabyBear in BTVS Whole 30 log   
    Maybe work on half portion sizes more often if you can't physically eat that much. 5-6 mini meals versus 3 full meals. This is your 30 day experiment so you have to work to find what works for you. DM me if you have more thoughts/questions!
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    Awesome thanks! I was confused about the natural flavors part. 
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    This made me laugh because I've been married over 21 years now, so my only dating is with my husband... but I definitely felt the intimidation of being asked out to eat by friends, and wondering what in the world I could do and HOW I could manage it. It gets much easier with time and practice. My favorite thing was Mongolian barbecue, because I could build my own bowl with massive amounts of veggies, season with garlic, ginger, salt, and pepper, and then pile it all on top of stir-fried cabbage
    re: having "the talk" about food -- @ladyshanny has a point about them not being owed an explanation. My thought here was simply that it could help avoid an awkward moment during the meal itself, if it were brought up before-hand. She's right that it'll help you weed people out if you just throw them in and see how they swim!
    Another thought I had a moment ago, was that a "Dutch" picnic could be nice. You each bring your own lunch and meet somewhere to share time and sparkling water (or whatever). In fact, I might have to plan a picnic day with my husband soon...  
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    Everything @Jihanna said! I usually do a first meeting like coffee or juice bar to make sure they're OK, and then I can explain how I choose to eat if I want. If I have enough time, I'll contact the restaurant or review their allergen menu to see what I can make compliant. Usually American food, steakhouses and breakfast places are easiest. If you don't want to be "that weirdo" that brings their own dressing to the restaurant - (1) uhm why not??!??! It's OK to speak up for yourself! or (2) ask for lemon wedges and olive oil, use the table salt and pepper as your dressing. Look for grilled options (I got a grilled calamari salad once... so good!) and steamed options.
    Breakfast - poached eggs, avo, sliced tomatoes. Omelet (no butter, no milk) with veggies.
    Lunch/Dinner - steak (yeah, I'm that girl), baked potato, steamed broccoli (some restaurants will have ghee or clarified butter). Hamburger, no bun (knife and fork it). 
    And if there's nothing compliant at the restaurant, why is this person not being accommodating and why are you meeting them? but eat something ahead of time and opt for a plain green salad.