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    Workout Supplements

    Supplements for Exercise and Training Recovery Probiotics. Probiotics supply the gut with healthy flora necessary for digestion, absorption, elimination and immune function. ... Omega-3 Fish Oil. BCAA's (Branched Chain Amino Acids) ... Protein. CoQ10. Glutamine. Curcumin. L-arginine.
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    My experience with hair loss and how I fixed it.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.
  3. sachkumar377

    carb quantity & hair loss

    A big change in diet can cause hair loss. And lack of iron also causes hair loss. So both Iron deficiency & low carb diet are causes of your hair loss.
  4. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum & doing this with my friend. We both are facing minor anxiety & health issues. So I have planned to start on March 15.
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    Starting March 1

    Hi Sarah! I am also planning to start from March & I would love to keep in touch with you. But I am starting from 15th of march not from 1st March.
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    Hair loss from day 10. Is this common?

    Vitamin B12 deficiency & thyroid can be the reason for your hair loss. So yes you should test your thyroid & vitamin B12.