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  1. @ShannonM816 Thank You very much! I will make sure I get a serving of starchy veggies each day, I didn’t know about that potential side effect. The hash recipe looks wonderful, I’m going to try it
  2. Hi all, I'm on Day 7 of my first round ever of Whole30 and this is my first post, thanks in advance. I relate to Lauraco's post about timing... this has been one of the biggest struggles for me so far. This morning I ate within an hour of waking up - breakfast at about 7:30am (smoked salmon, leek and tomato frittata with 1/2 avocado) I really struggled to get it down. I was hungry when I woke up! For lunch (at about 12:45pm) I brought leftover beef 'rustic' stew and I could not eat more than a few bites. It honestly was making me the opposite of hungry and I had a vague metallic taste in the back of my mouth.... gross. I did manage to eat one hardboiled egg. Now it's almost 3 and my stomach is growling! I don't plan to eat again until 6:30pm ... I may have to eat an epic protein/chicken bar. I am really working hard to eat the right amounts per the recommendations at the right times and NOT snack but today it is truly a struggle! I am open to any and all suggestions, thank you.