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    Starting March 5!

    I'm halfway through Day 1. Breakfast was 2 hardboiled eggs with a side of strawberries and pineapple chunks. I've got W30 compliant tuna salad in the fridge that I'll roll in lettuce leaves for lunch. Dinner is W30 Purple Potato Soup. I'll make cheese toasts on the side for hubby to eat. I think starting today was a wise idea as it's a fasting day anyway. Yes, I'm a bit hungry but not ravenously so. Coffee with a splash of compliant almond-coconut milk really does much to curb my appetite.
  2. Dee D

    Starting March 5!

    Yep, I"m starting my first W30 Ash Wednesday, March 6th. I'd be pleased and grateful to help and have your help and guidance through the process. Today is my prep the kitchen day. Fortunately, we don't have much junk-food to toss and what we do have I won't touch it even in normal or dire circumstances - it's all hubby's favorites. My toughest challenge is giving up wine in the evenings. I'm not sure club soda is going to be a satisfying substitute.
  3. I took the research one step further by accessing the NIH websites on inflammation caused by foods/additives. Some of the terminology was difficult to understand at first read, but it was worth it for me to do. I, too, need the science.
  4. I'm searching for a W30 compliant recipe for Jambalaya or something close to it for Mardi Gras. I know it can't be the 'real' thing. Does anyone have recipes or suggestions?
  5. Dee D

    Getting Started

    Hi, I've been preparing for Whole 30 since January when I made the decision to try it. Several events made starting before now not the best plan. So, I chose March 6th, which is the start of Lent. Thus, I'll actually do Whole 40 instead of 30. Excited and a little scared to try this. It's going to be quite a challenge even with family support. Looking forward to 'hearing' from everyone here about challenges, successes, gripes and praises.