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    Yellowbird Hot Sauces

    Thank you!
  2. dontgetsad

    Yellowbird Hot Sauces

    From what i can tell, they are compliant (except for the one with agave) as they are sweetened with dates and fruit juice (like tessemae's), but I always like to double check! The ingredients are: Sriracha: Organic Jalapeño, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Organic Garlic, Organic Dates, Organic Raisins, Salt, Organic Tangerine Juice Concentrate, Organic Lime Juice Concentrate Serrano: Organic Serrano Peppers, Organic Cucumbers, Organic Onions, Organic Carrots, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Organic Garlic, Salt, Organic Dates, Organic Raisins, Organic Lime Juice Concentrate Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! I've searched the forums and found some advice, but I'd love to hear from others who have had similar experiences doing the whole30. I just started 2 weeks ago, and I'm really struggling. I have never been a breakfast eater, usually I have coffee and then a banana and protein bar later in the morning. I eat small meals and snack every few hours as needed because I am a dog walker/jogger so if I eat too much at once I feel extremely nauseated when I try to run. I've been eating this way most of my life, and my stomach doesn't hold much food at once. (I have also struggled with disordered eating so this is what works best for me to stay on track with recovery.) I know that snacking and grazing isn't recommended, but I did find a post on Melissa's blog that said if you must snack, as long as it's with compliant foods, you're still doing the whole30. I have been trying to eat bigger meals, especially at night, and sometimes it goes well and sometimes it's uncomfortable. I've been experimenting with egg bakes and muffins for breakfast to try to stick to the template, but there's no way I can eat a huge plate of veggies. I don't eat meat but I have introduced fish and chicken so I don't have to do the vegetarian modification, and so far so good! Has anyone had similar experiences, and any suggestions on what helped? I am mainly doing the whole30 to tame my sugar dragon and become more mindful about hunger. I already feel so much better, and have definitely gotten more in tune with my hunger signals, so I feel like I'm getting somewhere even though I'm not following all the suggestions. Thank you!!
  4. dontgetsad

    So Delicious Organic Creamer

    Hi! I searched the forums and the only So Delicous creamer post I found was for the one that was sweetened. I looked up all the ingredients and they seem to be compliant, but this is my first whole30 so I’m still getting my bearings. Here’s the label: