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  1. WornOutWallaby

    Messed up at Day 10

    I am so mad at myself! I went to the beach with my kids on day 10. Planned out everything that I would eat, brought extra just in case. It was a beautiful day and I did great with my meals... or so I thought. I was cleaning out the fridge today (day 14) and found the apple chicken sausages I THOUGHT I took to the beach. Which means I ate my husbands beer brats at the beach instead of my approved chicken ones. I am so mad at myself!!! Good thing I had planned on a whole40 (for lent) and that I can just keep on trucking. But I really could kick myself!
  2. WornOutWallaby

    Started February 21,2019

    How are you doing so far?
  3. WornOutWallaby

    Hello! Whole30 for lent!

    Hi pLENTi!