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    I heard about Whole 30 when Melissa H. appeared on my favorite Saturday morning cooking show.  I'm not sure what it was but I was immediately intrigued enough to look into the idea of finding out if it was with me.  I wound up on Amazon, using the "look inside" function to read excerpts of the book.  Actually, all available excerpts fo the book.  Sold!  I got my copy (and the Day by Day daily guide) just a couple days later, and started a week long plan and preparation phase.  I'm 61, retired for a year, with health issues.  My biggest desire is to avoid going on blood pressure medication when I see my physician next.  (Shedding some of this excess girth would feel great as well.)
    Being that it is so early in the program for me, I don't want to start throwing accolades about, but, I have to say, that I'm loving this program and the book itself thoroughly.  My kitchen counters are filled with baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables, and , oh the recipes!  I am having a blast cooking!  My husband is enjoying the dinners I've been preparing and I'm making my own condiments!  At this moment I have two crockpots going in my kitchen and the whole house smells divine.  
    I know there will be tough days ahead, but this has been a blast so far!  Has anyone else who may reading this had this much fun only three days into their Whole 30?  Am I going to hit a brick wall soon?
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    WornOutWallaby reacted to SchrodingersCat in Messed up at Day 10   
    Frustrating!!! It sucks when we're so vigilant, and something sneaks past us like that. 
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    WornOutWallaby reacted to mistysickmeier in The BEST non scale victory ever...   
    I'm finally pregnant!!! 
    Before going into this I had completely given up trying. While only actively trying to conceive for about 8 months, I had really become discouraged. I wanted a change in my life as far as weight and food management goes, so I gave this a try. I ended my Whole30 on Tuesday February 5th. I dropped 15lbs, felt better, had more energy, was healthier, and two days later also got a positive pregnancy test!!!
    They said the Whole30 would change my life and it did in the best way imaginable. I 100% believe that what this whole eating did for me was make my body a better place for a baby to grow. 
    Thank you Whole30!!!!