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  1. I finally figured this out! I cannot eat eggs. I cut them out about a week ago and have had normal BM since (after about a year of chronic diarrhea and eating organic eggs pretty much every day). Just following up on this post in case it helps anyone else.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I was considering doing another whole30 to see if it helps since it is slightly different than Paleo. What do you mean by a “robust reintroduction?”
  3. Hello, I started the whole30 in March of 2019 and noticed a big improvement in my energy and pain (I have Hashimoto’s). After 30 days I scaled back to the Auto Immune Protocol for a few weeks, but didn’t notice further improvements, so I shifted to a Paleo diet. Since then I’ve tried reintroducing certain foods with no luck, so I’ve pretty much been on a strict Paleo diet for about a year. It has been really helpful and I like being on it. The only issue I can’t seem to figure out is chronic diarrhea, which I had on and off in the beginning, and have had consistently for the last six mont