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  1. SLC753

    Day 10: No Food

    I am on Day 10 and I have no energy and no appetite. The thought of food makes me queasy. It's been like this all day 9 and now into today. Any tips on how to combat no hunger? I tried exercising yesterday to make myself hungry but that didn't work. I'm very tired, having nightmares and vivid dreams and now this. HELP!
  2. Hi! So before Whole30 I would cook meat at home 1-2x a month. I'd usually order it when I went out. But my diet was largely vegetables and carbs. Now I eat it everyday multiple times a day. I'm on Day10 and I'm so so so sick of eating meat! I have nothing against it I'm just tired of it. Did anyone else have this problem? How did you deal with it? I've eaten: -steak -pecan crusted pork chops -turkey burgers -roasted chicken