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    Scheduled Medical Check Up

    Thank you. I'll fill them in and not peek. BTW, I had some pre- appointment fasting bloodwork today. I was delayed by a floating bridge opening and a long line at the phlebotomist's. I didn't Get to eat until after noon! AT any rate, and a NSV ensued. I was never a breakfast person but have been resolute to change that during my Whole 30 adventure. I find that I am so much more in tune with my system! I recognized my feelings of lethargy and anxiety due to the low blood sugar I was experiencing. This is a victory for me!
  2. I am on day 18 of my first Whole 30. Yes, I'm kind of proud that I haven't swayed but it has not been without temptation. At any rate, I have a scheduled medical check up next week. This appointment is with my GP, and my second with this new guy. (I also have been diagnosed with RA, which seems to have been helped quite a bit with my changed outlook toward food-thank you W30-but this isn't about that.) My blood pressure was an issue on my last visit (which I believe has improved) and my blood work showed elevated cholesterol. I absolutely do not want to start taking any more meds! This is part of the reason I started the Whole 30 plan. So, when I am there, I know I will be weighed (my BMI was over 33, I'm ashamed to say at 61 years of age). I don't know if I can resist looking or telling the medical assistant that I don't want to know my weight. Is that cheating? Also, can I expect my cholesterol to be lowered by day 23, the Whole 30 day of my appointment? Thanks for any input in advance!
  3. Michelle Joy

    Day 3 For a Newbie

    I heard about Whole 30 when Melissa H. appeared on my favorite Saturday morning cooking show. I'm not sure what it was but I was immediately intrigued enough to look into the idea of finding out if it was with me. I wound up on Amazon, using the "look inside" function to read excerpts of the book. Actually, all available excerpts fo the book. Sold! I got my copy (and the Day by Day daily guide) just a couple days later, and started a week long plan and preparation phase. I'm 61, retired for a year, with health issues. My biggest desire is to avoid going on blood pressure medication when I see my physician next. (Shedding some of this excess girth would feel great as well.) Being that it is so early in the program for me, I don't want to start throwing accolades about, but, I have to say, that I'm loving this program and the book itself thoroughly. My kitchen counters are filled with baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables, and , oh the recipes! I am having a blast cooking! My husband is enjoying the dinners I've been preparing and I'm making my own condiments! At this moment I have two crockpots going in my kitchen and the whole house smells divine. I know there will be tough days ahead, but this has been a blast so far! Has anyone else who may reading this had this much fun only three days into their Whole 30? Am I going to hit a brick wall soon?
  4. Michelle Joy

    Bacon! Please Help

    THANK YOU! All yawls!
  5. Michelle Joy

    Bacon! Please Help

    So, W30 Comrades, if my label (bacon or other) lists sugars (i.e. "3g)" or sugar (i.e. "0g") under "Nutrition Facts", but not under the "Ingredients" am I good? I am on Day 2 (how do you do) and having trouble with this label thing. I've checked all my reference material and searched this site but can 't seem to find a clear guide. A diagram would be nice even. Am I dense? Can someone help me?