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    deuxieme got a reaction from laura_juggles in Concentration and Cravings   
    I am not happy to say this-- I have decided to stop my Whole30 for right now. Between the stress of trying to overcome disordered eating patterns enough to properly fuel myself and the stress of college and the stress of maintaining my exercise routine, I was really struggling.
    My plan is to conduct a proper, more focused Whole30 in the interim of spring and summer semesters, when I don't have added stress of midterms and deadlines. 
    The weight loss was the final straw of emotional breakdowns, anxiety attacks, extreme fatigue... I was not fueling myself right, and I know it, but it is so hard to be ok with choosing those things that I have been afraid of for so long. I will do this again, and I will do it right. I just am not at a place, mentally or physically, where losing weight is acceptable. I plan to continue to eat mostly on plan-- even the short time I did it showed I have a MASSIVE intolerance for dairy-- and will be back in May!
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    deuxieme got a reaction from lacyjean in Whole30 Log-- Day 1 Struggles (advice appreciated)   
    Ended up going on my run and eating chicken, 1/2 a cucumber, and a bit of a carrot.
    @lacyjean I try not to track how many miles I run because that has become an obsession in the past, but I would estimate probably around 3.5-4 miles in 30 minutes when I run, so not too much. I do want to try increasing the time I run but am slowly building up to it.
    I eat breakfast before I run and a snack, usually egg whites with some veggies or fruit, afterward. And you are right-- I am fueling my body for activity with healthy food. I can't expect to suddenly have much lower energy needs because I am now eating more vegetables and no oatmeal; my body still needs energy, and that is probably why I seem to be eating more fat recently. I am going to try to adhere more to the given plan tomorrow, but am definitely going to allow myself to snack (especially between lunch and dinner. Learned that the hard way).
    Thank you so much for being supportive.