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    Day 31 - Why didn’t it work for me?

    Thanks so much! I did try to cut out FODMAP stuff and some nightshades about two weeks before I finished. But may not have been long enough. And it was way too much restriction. I didn’t know what to eat/make and I needed energy for my weightlifting. After I finish reintroduction, I will try those while I’m able to eat other things.
  2. R1D31 I did it. Woot! Unfortunately it didn’t work!! YES, I read the books (all of them). Yes I followed the rules (all of them). I’m a 36yr old female, 4’11” (super short) who works out, mainly weightlifting and strength training with mixed cardio 5-6 days a week. I finished my first round and did not lose a single pound. I also didn’t lose measurements at all and am still a pant size bigger than my goal. I am exactly the same as I started. I also had very few NSVs. I was hoping to resolve a mystery histamine-like rash (yes also seeing a doctor about it, who supported trying this), but the rash is still here. My face dermatitis never changed. My digestive issues are exactly the same. In fact some I felt got worse. Sleep and mood are virtually unchanged. I couldn’t be more disappointed. I did this to get leaner and resolve above issues. And none NONE of that happened. Perhaps it’s because I already ate SUPER clean? I haven’t eaten junk food or much added sugar in years. No sodas, no processed food (or minimal), so maybe this diet was already too close to my regular one? Maybe it’s because I’m not even five feet tall? And I NEED to count calories because there’s no where for them to go? Maybe it’s because of my fitness level? I don’t know. But I followed it to a T!! I even used the day-by-day guide! What went wrong???!!