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  1. RedWyoming

    Start date MARCH 11-- accountability buddies

    Oh man! I also had my first Whole30 dream last night that I drank two beers and had to start over! I probably thought it was real for the first 3 minutes I was awake. Oddly disheartening haha. Those are also really great suggestions for prep. I need to practice getting out of my old routine of shopping and cooking and dishes all on the same day. With work, work outs, and everything else going on, it can be overwhelming. I am going to give your approach a try next week! I've noticed that hungry doesn't feel like I thought hungry felt. Rather than stomach-gurgling hunger, I am experiencing mood hunger. For example, I'll notice that my energy and/or motivation plunges rather suddenly, and that's when I become a KATT demon.... Luckily, I have gotten a little bit better about keeping an adequate amount of [appetizing and Whole30] food around. Thanks for your suggestions!!
  2. RedWyoming

    Start date MARCH 11-- accountability buddies

    Hi everyone!! I also started March 11. So far so good! This is my first time doing the Whole30 after many attempts at choosing and sticking with a diet (like a lifestyle, not a Diet). I had success on and off, as seems to be the trend. Here's to hoping the Whole30 is forever! In addition to fat loss (I'd like to gain weight in muscle, lose fat), I am interested and excited to see the other benefits of the Whole30 (bye forever acne!). My work has limitless snacks and goodies as well as provides lunch 3 days a week—often pizza, or wings, or some other delicacy of the sort (*dreaming of lasagna...). My only temptation has been beer, wine, and chocolate. Also cheese. Any maybe the crackers and noodles that my husband shamelessly snarfs down next to me... I did have an emotional breakdown on day 2 after doing dishes and spending, like, 4 hours prepping before I even started on dinner causing me to eat around 9 pm. Lesson learned! Dinner first, then prep. I have a few questions for the group: -Is anyone else finding that it takes forever to prep? I feel like I must either be a terrible cook, inexperienced, or simply slow. But man oh man, some of these evenings have been rough! Any tips or tricks here? -I seem to be making a TON of food. Am I not eating enough, or am I just over-cooking? The book says that most of the recipes assume 2 servings, but even with my husband indulging in these delicious meals I have leftovers for days. It's been helpful for pre- and post-workout meals, but golly, my fridge is full! Side note: my mayo was also almost a disaster just because it was so messy! Definitely didn't expect that...