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    Zoe's kitchen

    I completed round one on 3/18/19 with great success. I decided to do another round and set a start date of 3/31/19. Ideally I wanted to start round 2 immediately, but I was traveling 3/23-3/26 and was unsure I'd have compliant options available 100% of the time. I have remained compliant and if I was able to do so during my trip I was going to back date the start of round 2 to 3/20/19. I had been able to remain compliant on my trip, but apparently last night I ate something that was not compliant. I had the steak kabobs at Zoe's Kitchen. Here is my dilemma. I reviewed the menu and had an extensive conversation about ingredients with a person from the kitchen. I was going to get the chicken kabobs but I was told they had their "Spice for Life" on them which contains sugar and corn starch. They recommended the shrimp or fish or the steak kabobs due to my dietary limitations. I do not like seafood so I chose the steak with grilled vegetables and fruit. I researched more later and found out Zoe's Kitchen is a Whole30 partner (nothing on menu indicated that) and I finally found the ingredients of the glaze on steak kabobs...contains soy sauce and sugar. My question is, do I need to restart? I'm getting mixed messages from other Whole30'ers. Did I do enough due diligence before? I have not had any cravings or sugar dragon issues since I ate them. I would love to be able to officially start round 2 on 3/20. Help?