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  1. So i start monday so far i have the compliant food stuff down now the fat- i know no dairy however older posts sugguest.clarified butter is approved - i am confused about that now Butter or no butter or just ghee Wish me luck all coffee cream and treats are my downfall since i have T1 diabetes i am looking forward to lowing my insulin and a1c Very nervous tho i have never NOT USED coffee creamer
  2. Kcast

    Compliant bacon - FOUND!

    Thank you i have not started just getting on board with reading labels and added sugar- amazing how many foods have added sugar
  3. Kcast

    Compliant bacon - FOUND!

    I am starting for my first Whole30 and been doing a ton of food resource research- i live in Chicago Lincoln square and today have spoken to the butcher they have many grass free organic meats and poultry available i questioned the bacon and he said he never uses sugar and would cut fresh off the slab- this is a reputable shop My start date is march 25 monday i wNt to make sure i have my food and meals plan and not feel deprived- How do i know if it is a compliant bacon ??