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  1. I’ve actually felt like I’ve been over eating on some days. Generally speaking my diet consists of a pre-workout meal of 1 hard boiled egg with either a handful of raw cashews or almonds, or 1 hard boiled egg mixed with half an avacodo and salsa. After my workout I’ll have either 2 hard boiled eggs mixed with half an avacado and salsa, a banana and an apple, or 1cup-1.5cup of canned chicken protein salad (Whole30 recipe) on a bed of baby spinach. On non-workout days I’ve eaten 2-3 scrambled eggs with asparagus, broccoli, spinach with salsa and half an avacado. Lunches and dinners ha
  2. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself an “athlete” per se, but I generally workout 6-7 times per week. Prior to starting my Whole30 a little over week ago, my diest was already 80% Whole30 compliant. After starting my Whole30 on March 16th, I started experiencing limitless energy. I was highly productive in the gym, at work, and at home. However this past weekend, right at my one week milestone, I started feeling extremely tired and unmotivated. That continued all day Saturday, Sunday, and again today. I had to cut my workout short this morning because I couldn’t get through it and I was afra