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  1. Spouse and I have been in re-entry mode for 24 days because we've treated this as an experiment. We did not follow the "day on, two days off" in fact we stretched it out a 2nd day longer and then repeated. For reintro we discussed what we really missed, and it was dairy, non-gluten grains, maybe a tinge of honey if a sweetener was needed and ( me) alcohol. We were fine without hard core sugar (candy, granulated, etc), desserts, snacks, breads, soy, beans, etc., and have no desire to reintro. We first experimented with dairy. All we missed was a little butter, sour cream and cheese as a flavor enhancement (aka mexican) tried it for two days, off for two days, and repeated to see if same results. Definitely some bloat and gas issues, feeling tired and sinus headaches with throat mucus in mornings. Then we reintroduced organic, nongmo corn chips, no issues, but ReIntro of rice and rice flour, yikes, total bloat, feeling heavy, uncomfortable and constipated. ReIntro of wine with one glass, two concurrent nights, sleep is interrupted, severely dehydrated and skin back to itchy and dry. We are now in combo mode, and planning around discomforts for if / what is worth it. Although W30 was not easy (I don't care what they say, it is hideous), it is also an awakening. And although it might be easy to go back to donuts and club sandwiches, ice cream and yogurt, our tastes and outlook have changed. What was a nightmare to do, was important and the reintroductions are just as important. Not being fully compliant for just 24 days, my nails and hair are back to being brittle, my face which had cleared of rosacea is now compromised, my night sweats are back, and I've regained 4 lbs after losing 14. My spouse felt so bad after eating dairy (which he loves) he went back to compliant all except for corn chips, and has continued to feel good and look good. The other noticeable reduction however is our pantry and our fridge. Although it was costly to start W30, we feel it is cheaper to stay on it. Veggies cost a lot less than junk. Our collections of jarred and packaged crap are gone, making cooking simpler. We actually like many of the recipes, and we are creatively using leftovers and minimizing food waste more than ever before. To us W30 is the base, and the reintroductions are just a way to modify for understanding tolerances. It is all an experiment in you and your body. For those who invest the time and just go back to snickers and biscuits n gravy, then you've likely put yourself through a hideous exercise for nothing.
  2. Steffalo

    Allergic Reaction Suddenly

    Update: made it thru my 30. Started reintroduction of dairy and all has been ok. Went out to a restaurant for the first time in 35 days. Split a salad that had white balsamic vinegarette and olives... withing 10 minutes was itching, then covered in hives, red swelling face. I had to rush to a pharmacy to get benadryl. Am going to allergist, but the salad was basic greens, fresh basil, olives, cucumbers, and gorganzola crumbles. There must have been sulfites or msg in the salad or dressing is all I can think of. Next day my whole body is swollen and achy, and I just want to eat clean. I miss restaurant socialization so much... what is the key to that balance?
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    Allergic Reaction Suddenly

    Thank you SugarCube and Shannon. I plan to discuss this with my Dr. I'm also doing a planned blood work up since being on Whole30 to see if there are any changes in my blood chemistry. A food diary is a good idea. Appreciate this feedback. And yes to the banana... I normally only have about half a banana every other to every three days, not usually a whole plus a half in one day. I'll take that into consideration. I've never had an issue with Avocado however. Thanks for that tip.
  4. I'm on day 24, and have had a rather normal, by the book go of this as to phases, reactions, etc. Have paid attention to signals, such as I now believe I have an almond flour intolerance due to rather immediate abdominal bloating. But today, I had a food allergy that I cannot pinpoint. The infuriating thing is that historically I have this same type of allergic reaction at odd times, which is part of the reason for the W30. Today, I started out my routine as normal. Hot green tea, half a banana. Hot mint tea at work. My business lunch plans changed, so I had a standby whole banana and a cup of homemade curry chicken salad I made last night. (I bring my own "salad topping" to business lunches, order a plain salad with no dressing and then plop my compliant goodies on top). Well, 3/4 of the way through my curry chicken and I'm in full itch mode. It always starts in the palms of my hands as they grow redder and swell and itch, then the intense itching goes to the soles of my feet, mouth/tongue, then my "lower areas" and finally my ears and eyes. I usually need to take a half a benedryl to calm it all down. Today I also had noticeable belly bloat along with the itching. NO idea what caused this, as I've had this exact recipe before with no issues, and all items within different recipes. Any thoughts? Curry Chicken salad has all organic items chopped: celery, empire apple, red onion, chicken breast, avocado oil compliant mayo, and organic spices: curry, sea salt, celery seed, garlic powder. My only oddity is that I forgot my 3 liter water bottle and have not been as hydrated as I usually am.
  5. Steffalo

    Period Returns After Being Pre-Menopausal

    Hi, and I too am experiencing a change. I've been in pre-menopause for about 6 months with no period, and on day 15 of my W30 (this weekend) I start a cycle. NO warning. In reading what I can find in the forum it sounds like due to the hormonal reset, etc., that this is common, however I was not prepared for it, and rather sad because of it as my P-M periods when they do occur are heavy and can last 3 weeks. Crossing fingers this hormonal reset also resets that duration aspect. Good luck to us all.
  6. This is my third attempt. Usually I can't get past days 3-5 due to the headaches and sugar flu. This time so far so good, and on day 17. Food is boring but trying to be creative. First week wasn't as bad this time. Headaches were manageable, sugar cravings weren't playing games with my mood. Perhaps because this time I was more prepared and ready to keep our kitchen positive and stocked. Biggest thing week one was sleepiness, fatigue and lack of appetite. Second week, lots of inflamation/swelling and pants tight, along with some moodiness. About day 13 started feeling better, not joyous but not as fatigued. I'm still sleeping almost 9-10 hours a night and slow to rise. Day 16 started swelling again, and realized I haven't been drinking enough water. I'm terrible at remembering that. Very hopeful I can make it through 30 days. Weighed in at 144, haven't weighed that since being 9 months pregnant. Looking forward to stepping on the scale March 31st. Am also doing a blood work up next week while I'm eating these wholefoods, and will see how that looks.