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  1. Thanks! I think I could try soup for breakfast and see if it helps!! Thanks for the template as well!!
  2. Overall my meals are made of approximately 200 grams of veggies, some meat/tuna/eggs (about 100-150 grams) and some avocado (about a half) or some olive oil (1-2 tablespoon). To one meal a day I add potatoes. Additionally i use some extra vitamin supplements daily. I am not really a salty eater, but i use some, I dont think its more than a teaspoon per meal.. and I really find it hard to eat breakfast, mostly because I dont feel hungry or can hardly eat because of that (it jut doesnt feel right somehow). I got trouble eating my whole meals during the day as well. I feel too tired and I dont fe
  3. Hi All, Since a couple of days I feel dizziness on very sudden moments. It lasts about a couple or minutes and pops up several times a day. I think it might have to do with not eating enough, but honestly, I'm really trying. I just feel like I have to eat so much to get the amount of carbs and calories that I ate before, while eating just whole30 approved food. I really feel full after a meal. (While at the same time I couldn't stop thinking about chocolate yesterday...) Overall I feel tired and have little energy, but that might be in line with what to expect during a whole 30.. do you h
  4. Hi all, has anyone tips & tricks for visiting friends.and family and eat together? I find it hard to force them into a whole30 meal (and some of them act kinda annoyed about that too...), But I also don't wanna cheat. I know I could bring my own meal, but that doesn't feel the same .. how do you handle these situations?
  5. Actually started today. So far, so good! How about you?
  6. Hi Robbie, I'd like to join you! I did my irst round a couple of years ago and it brought me a whole lot of energy, but food freedom was a bit of a challenge. My sugar dragon and old (bad) habits are stronger than I expected... I hope to be able to fight back now. How about you, have you tried the whole30 before??