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  1. Pameedee

    RX bars?

    Thank you so much for the info. I will grab some bars this week. Unfortunately we are not allowed to eat anything at our desks other than a snack that has no smell, which disqualifies eggs. Besides, I have eggs for breakfast and prefer to eat something else. I do appreciate your input and feedback.
  2. Pameedee

    RX bars?

    Question. Are these the bars I can buy at Sam's? I have been having the Lara Bar Cashew Cookie before my workouts and it keeps me going for about 3-4 hours. I'd like a variety but want to make sure we're talking about the same thing first. Unfortunately it's not feasible for me to take a break before I leave work to eat something other than a bar or nuts prior to my workout.
  3. Pameedee

    Starting April 1

    Success on day 1. Also, I drank 13 16oz bottles of water today! And worked out. I should sleep well tonight. Congrats to everyone who had a successful day 1. Look out day 2, here we come.
  4. Pameedee

    Starting April 1

    Don't you worry about them. My boss dud her W30 on her own and she has a hubby and 2 girls. She watched them eat all kinds of non-W30 foods that she cooked for them, and eve picked up fast food and pizza. She was very successful. She is going to start another round with me on Monday. So remember, don't sell yourself short. You got this!
  5. Pameedee

    Starting April 1

    Glad to see so many starting with me. Good luck to you. To us newbies, I found out the hard way that a lot of mixed nuts are made with peanut oil - ugh! I will have to buy individual bags and make my own. I started easing myself into Whole30 about 2 weeks ago by mostly eating compliant foods. I am gluten intolerant so I don't have to worry about the baked goods, but chocolate looked to be my food to be missed as I normally have a couple of milk and dark chocolate miniatures at lunchtime. I hadn't been eating them recently so I thought I would have my last few before I start on Monday. Oh, my, they tasted horrible! This is good news for me. I look forward to seeing us newbies succeed! Hugs all around and just remember, we got this!
  6. Pameedee

    Starting April 1

    Yes, I know that's April Fools Day, butI want to start on the first of the month to easily keep track of what day I'm on. I may, however, decide to start on the 31st since it is a Sunday.