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  1. Melissa79

    Slow on the Uptake - Help!

    Thanks y'all! I took Shannon's response to heart, and I have adjusted some things with eating more and am feeling a ton better. I also did some more reading and understand that my shitty habits for the last 30+ years are hard to get past. One reason I could not go Keto (that seems to be the in thing), is I cannot eat red meat due to digestion issues and Keto veggie choices are super limited. I have been eating the suggested meal template as close as possible for the last few days and I have been uncomfortably full but otherwise feeling a lot better. I am not hungry for a few hours after I get up, which is a problem though because I have to take medication with food in the early morning. I am committed to figuring this out though. Another issue is my mind is set for snacking. I have been eating 5 small meals a day for years, since I am hypoglycemic. I can't say that I feel 100% comfortable not eating snacks because I know what can happen, but then again...I'm not even hungry a little bit. Thanks again!
  2. Melissa79

    Slow on the Uptake - Help!

    My name is Melissa and I am a little slow to get started for a number of reasons, I'm sure we've all said before. My mom finally convinced me that I needed to give this a shot. Ok, so I did... Now I am on day 14 and feel like a bloated, cranky, exhausted mess, that has taken up official residence in hell. The first week I was gung ho. Ready to start something new and get the ball rolling. Week 2 was a tad more difficult, but I did it. Now I'm trying desperately to find the motivation to do my week 3 meal prep (I have to cook on Sunday, otherwise I will just grab something, unhealthy in the rush of the week.) I am looking for words of encouragement or advice to help me roll along. Please help. Any and all is welcome!