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  1. trafficjamdreaming

    Starting April 1

    Hey Everyone Here's to Day 20! We should all be very proud we got so far and can't wait to say I completed another challenge. Hey @Suzanne-SATx. My heart goes out to you because I know the feeling. I've struggled with my weight my whole life. I've been upwards of size 20 to as small as size 4. I used to berate myself with negative self talk and my confidence tanked. Before I started the Whole30 challenge 5 years ago I had tried every quick fix diet, took different weight loss pills, and restricted my calories to a point that was unhealthy for my body. I couldn't look myself in the mirror without picking my body apart and nearly crying. It chokes me up now just thinking about it. But you know what? The Whole30 challenge taught me so much. I know the difference between healthy foods and unhealthy foods. I can now read a label and know what I don't want in my body. I don't restrict my calories anymore and know how to eat to satiety rather than stuff myself until I have to unbutton my pants I've been much more consistent with my workouts with the increased energy I've learned that great change takes time. I've learned to be proud of myself for the mini wins like getting to Day 20! I'm generous with the NSV's because energy, glowing skin, and being able to say "Nah, I don't want that donut" is so awesome! 3 years ago, I was at my most fit and I allowed work stress to get in between my healthy relationship with food and exercise. Because of this, I regained my weight and some. I couldn't get past the first week of the Whole30 challenge and restarted like 20 times. Than right before the holidays last year, I saw a fit photo of myself. I cried. I was angry at myself for allowing other things get in the way of my personal goals. I took that anger and frustration and successfully got through a challenge. I'm still working through some weight loss but this time around, I'm enjoying the ride. When a negative thought enters my mind, I combat it by telling myself 5 great things about myself and my journey. Suzanne, you've made great strides! You're in control and are one mean Whole30 meal prep machine! Don't lose faith. You're doing awesome! Let's pass the finish line together!
  2. trafficjamdreaming

    Starting April 1

    Hey Everyone Happy 18th Day! I was super excited that I woke up on my own 5 min before my alarm went off. I felt super energetic and ready to start my day! Yesterday, I had my cravings spike but I think it was because I did an intense strength workout. I think I'll begin adding in a post workout snack to my meal plan to make sure I'm eating enough throughout the day. I've been doing my best to stay away from too many fruits because my sugar dragon has a tendency to get out of control. Continuing to feel amazing energy and my stress levels have definitely normalized. @Fit4Me I appreciate the words of encouragement and I know you will get to Tiger Blood any day now! Keep up the awesome work Have a great day everyone!
  3. trafficjamdreaming

    Starting April 1

    Hey Everyone! Happy Day 16! I'm finally over the case of the grumps and have the most incredible energy. I think I'm experiencing the beginning of Tiger Blood! Woohoo! Yesterday I did two cardio sessions because I just had so much energy. I'm going to take advantage of this new found energy and ramp up my workouts this week. I'm at a point where I don't crave processed foods anymore even when they're right in front of me. I feel in control of what I'm eating and rarely need snacks to get me to the next meal. I'm super proud of myself for getting this far and look forward to another great week! @Fit4Me I use sparkling water to get me through nausea. Awesome job getting through a road trip while on your Whole30!
  4. trafficjamdreaming

    Starting April 1

    Hey Everyone! Happy 12th Day! I've been a little MIA the last few days. I have been on an emotional roller coaster and happy that I finally broke through it yesterday. My sugar dragon slightly roared yesterday but I was able to turn down my fave caramel popcorn. Patting myself on the back for that one. I'm too far into this challenge to turn back now. I can't believe we're almost on Day 15, half way through! This round of the challenge, I decided to really document my NSV's to keep me motivated. Here's just of few of my faves: Glowing Skin No more under-eye circles Flatter stomach/less bloating Less knee pain Fewer sugar cravings Feeling in control of food Eats to satiety Healthy strategies to deal with cravings More consistent with exercise New recipes Looking forward to many more! Welcome @MBG & @Elk! Have a great day everyone!
  5. trafficjamdreaming

    Starting April 1

    Hey Everyone! I been a little busy to check in but super excited we're on day 9! Woohoo! The first week was rough for me. I spent Day 6 & 7 napping all day but didn't feel too guilty. haha! I haven't given myself this much rest in a while and it was much needed. I've been on this rollercoaster of emotions. Happy one minute and angry the next. Can't wait to have these emotions go back to normal. I've been taking daily walks and completing daily meditations to keep my emotions in check and it has been helpful. Journaling and checking in with you guys has also been helpful. @Suzanne-SATx I agree, no need to punish yourself for an unconscious slip up. On my first Whole30, I accidentally chewed a piece of gum and found out later that was a whole30 no-no. It sounded silly to restart so I kept going. At the end of the challenge, I felt so great that I tacked on the 3 days just to be able to say I accomplished the challenge. @Fit4Me Reaplans is a really great meal planning/recipe tool. I've been using it for over a year now and it's amazing! You can filter out recipes that are not Whole30 compliant so it only suggests things you can eat. There's even a Whole30 add-on which includes reintroduction recipes. It creates a shopping list for you so you know exactly what to pick up. You can even import recipes from other recipe sites using a URL. It does have an annual fee of $72 (last I checked) but well worth it for me. I used to spend HOURS meal planning and now I can do it in less than 10. Here's the link in case you're interested Happy 9th day everyone! We're on our way to 2 weeks!
  6. trafficjamdreaming

    Starting April 1

    Hey everyone! Thanks for the support @Sunshine2020! I really appreciate it. @Elizabeth33 Right with you on the kill all the things yesterday. Work has been stressful lately so I tried my best to not snap at annoying coworkers. haha! My fiancé has been through this with me all three rounds so he knows the deal the first week. He gives me my space when needed and cleans up dishes after dinner so I can relax. That's why I'm marrying this guy! I am a chronic grazer which often leads to overeating so I've been limiting my snacks and only have them when absolutely needed. I'll still carry around a pack of carrots or almond butter packs but try my best not to use them. I woke up today (Day 5) with some energy. My foggy brain is nearly gone. The pain I get in my lower back from sitting in an office chair all day and the pain I get in my knee from a previous injury have gotten a little better. Hey guys! We're almost one week in! Congrats!
  7. trafficjamdreaming

    Starting April 1

    Hey Everyone Here's to day 4! Woohoo! Hoping for an energetic day because yesterday was tough! I was sleepy and irritable. When I have a tough first week, I have to remind myself that it does get better. For me, it's usually on the 5th or 6th day. I'll just have to tough it out today and hope tomorrow is a better day. All in all, I'm proud of myself for eating by the book, not even a slip on technically compliant foods like paleo pancakes (my fave). I've been drinking more water instead of coffee or caffeinated tea and I've been working out at least 30 minutes a day for an extra energy boost in the middle of the day. I'll pick up the intensity as I get more energy but happy I'm being consistent. Have a great day everyone!
  8. trafficjamdreaming

    Starting April 1

    Hope everyone had a energetic Day 2. As for me, I could have slept all day! My cravings were under control but I was extremely hungry. Had do grab some snacks throughout the day but kept it protein and fat based. I have a really bad sweet tooth, so I've been limiting fruit and nut bars (RX Bars/Larabars) on this round of the Whole30. I did a 20 min walk on my lunch and when I got home I did a light stretch. I gave myself some leniency on my workouts because I know the first week I can get really tired. Can I just jump to the Tiger Blood phase already? Haha! @Elizabeth33 I use silicone baking cups and they slide right off ( Amazon Silicone Baking Cups ) @Fit4Me I used to be fat-phobic too! The idea of having 4 eggs cooked in olive oil with a side of guacamole would have doubled me over in the past, but when you don't have much carbs (with the exception of veggies and fruits), you need the extra fat to keep you fueled throughout the day. It took me some time to get used to but when I saw the amazing results at the end of the program, I was a believer. Hope everyone has an amazing 3rd day! Keep it up!
  9. trafficjamdreaming

    Starting April 1

    Good morning everyone! I hope everyone's Day 1 went well. I felt super accomplished yesterday. Ate Whole30 breakfast, lunch, dinner, and pre-workout snack Prepped Whole30 breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the week. I get up really early for my commute, so having meals I can through into my bag is a must! Drank black coffee (no sweetener). I've been doing this one for a while and really enjoy the taste of black coffee now. Drank plenty of water Completed a 45 min strength workout and 30 min stretch Completed a 5 min meditation I decided to write down my "whys" before starting the reset to keep me motivated. Lose weight before the big day. Sleep better. I've been having some erratic sleep patterns and while I'm on the Whole30, I have the best sleep! More energy. I wake up really early and have some reliance on caffeine. While, I love my coffee I don't want to NEED my coffee in the morning. Continue learning healthy habits. I've struggled with my weight since I was a kid and would love to keep a healthier lifestyle. I always feel better when I'm feeding myself wholesome foods. Have a great Day 2 guys!
  10. trafficjamdreaming

    Starting April 1

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum but this will be my third Whole30 reset. I plan to start on April 1st and glad I've found some other people who are starting around the same time as I am. I've tried starting my Whole30 round 3 for a while now and I get about two weeks in and want chocolate or margaritas. Ugh!...My weakness! I've started to use the Whole30 Day by Day guide and it mentioned connecting with the Whole30 community to find support. I'm doing this on my own and it's tough! My fiancé is as supportive as he can be but he isn't following the reset with me. So I'm looking for like-minded people with my same struggles. Looking forward to connecting with you guys!