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  1. Good morning everyone! My day two went well. I ate whole30 meals, didn't snack (because I wasn't hungry enough to need one), worked out, and completed by Whole30 Day By Day Journal. I wouldn't say my meals were exciting...eggs in the morning, tuna for lunch, and lettuce wrapped burger for dinner but they were easy to throw together and I was pleasantly full. I have been a little foggy, I can't seem to concentrate for too long when reading, I'm a little sluggish, but I'm lucky to have the next couple of days off before my next job to get over the worst of the Whole30. I'm going
  2. Hey Everyone I just started my Whole30 this morning. This will be my 4th round of the challenge over five years. My wedding is just around the corner and I tend to crave sweets and bread when I'm feeling a little stressed. On top of the wedding planning, I'm starting a new job next week. I realize adding the Whole30 will be throwing in a lot of change at the same time, but having really monitored myself over these 5 years, I do well with a structured meal plan when there's tons going on. I haven't been too far off the plan so I'm hoping my first week isn't too tiring. My regular ea
  3. Hey Everyone! Here's to Week 2! I have much more energy this week. Not yet Tiger Blood but inching my way there. Last week I kept my cardio sessions light since the first week is always exhausting but this week I'm going to ramp it up again. I've noticed the slight pain in my knee start to subside. I hardly feel it when I go up and down steps anymore which is great plus! I went grocery shopping yesterday and meal prepped for the week. I'm looking forward to getting one more week under my belt. Wishing you guys a great Day 8!
  4. Hey Everyone! Happy Day 4! My anxiety levels are starting to decrease. I started this Whole30 when tons of things are going on in my life. In the past I would have put it off, but now I realize that my nutrition paired with activity will alleviate my stressors. I'm glad I committed to the challenge because I'm starting to notice my sleep quality getting better, I feel energized in the morning before I drink my cup of coffee, and my tummy is starting to debloat. @Starlight89 Great question on Whole30 BBQ options. Our family leans on the carne asada side when we BBQ, so I typically
  5. Hey Everyone! Hope you guys are having a great Day 3! The last two days have been tough. I felt so exhausted and hungry that it left me extremely moody. I was able to break through with consistent workouts, meditation, lots of water, and tons of sleep. I feel much better today and looking forward to the next couple of days off of work to relax and get outdoors. @Gryhndlady Welcome and congrats on your first Whole30. This program has changed my life in so many ways and I'm excited for you! When I first started, I thought I knew what healthy foods were but couldn't lose any we
  6. Hello Everyone! Starting my 4th Round of the Whole30 Challenge today in preparation for my wedding in September and looking for an accountability group. I've been doing Whole30 challenges for over five years now and I love the energy and confidence it brings me. I tried restarting last month and let work stress get in the way of a successful challenge (I got a week and a half into it) but this time around I'd like to finish the challenge with no slips. I've recently noticed irregular sleep patterns and high anxiety levels returning so I decided it was time to be serious about my wh