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    Whole30 with toddlers.

    We are starting week 3 as a family and my toddler is adjusting better than my teen is to the changes. For the first week, she (the toddler) kept asking if she ate all the cookies and gummies and could I go to the store and get more. The teen just runs errands and sneaks food that's not compliant while he is out. As long as he doesn't bring it into the house, he can make that decision - he is a senior in HS and thiiiiiissss close to being a full fledged adult. All I can do at this point is be a better role model to him. My granddaughter on the other hand (the toddler), is adjusting well, but I agree with the other poster - compliant hot dogs are a GODSEND! She is eating fresh fruit and veggies, on my 'oh god I don't want to cook' days, I pop veggie pasta in the microwave and she scoops it up. She has to try everything on her plate, maybe not finish it, but at the minimum try it. She has been known to walk in while I am prepping something like sweet potatoes or chopping kale up and asked "Is that for you? I don't like it" on first sight. All clues that she (and I) desperately need to clean up our diets.