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    Kisamose reacted to Amura in Whole30 with toddlers.   
    You can make lemonade without sweeteners.
    I add a teaspoon of baking soda per lemon (it's alcaline and modifies the overall acidity) and dilute it in water. It's also cute to do with kids because it's a very bubbly chemical reaction 
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    Kisamose reacted to keightlynn in Whole30 with toddlers.   
    Another thing that helps me is that I try to think of the things I make him and his meals as "exposures" whether he eats the food or not.  He's currently in a phase where he is less than enthused about most of the veggies I give him, and usually doesn't eat them if they aren't peas, olives, or sweet potatoes.  But I still continue to put whatever other veggies I have made on his place and in his lunch.  Even if he doesn't touch it, I think of it like, it's still teaching him that this food is a food we eat in our family, whether he chooses to eat it or not.  I make an effort to never make a big deal about whether he eats.  I choose the food I give him, he chooses whether and how much he eats.  Some meals he chooses not to eat very much, but as my aunt always used to say, "hunger makes a good chef" and it's true, he's usually more open to foods at the next meal when he's hungry.  Sometimes it is frustrating when I spend the time to make meals for him and he doesn't eat it or only picks out and eats one food group, but again, it really helps me to be less stressed about it by reminding myself that even if he doesn't take a bite, the more times he sees it on this plate, the more likely it is that eventually he will decide to give it a try and maybe even like it!
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    Kisamose reacted to SugarcubeOD in Whole30 with toddlers.   
    I have no tips or advice as I do not own any children but it stands out to me that if your 2 and 4 year old are having carb flu/detox type symptoms, this is probably the best thing you can do for them!
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    Kisamose reacted to kelsey.gwen in Whole30 with toddlers.   
    I started Whole30 yesterday for myself along with my two toddlers, ages 4 and 2. So far, so good! My four year old told me yesterday he doesn't like the idea of big changes with our food but he's been hanging in there really well. My two year old hasn't seemed to notice yet. They are both pretty picky eaters but thankfully they both love eggs! And I'm SO thankful for compliant hotdogs (thank you Applegate!!). It's harder to balance their plates as they are picky but I'm hopeful they will grow more open to different foods over the next 30 days.
    I feel bad for them though. I can tell the symptoms of changing their diets are hitting them hard. I wish they could comprehend why they feel yucky but I'm hopeful it will pass quickly! We are all crabby and tired today; I think the next few days are going to be rough but I'm looking forward to the days when we all start feeling better and have more energy to have fun together! 
    Who else out there is in the thick of tackling Whole30 with toddlers?? Any tips or advice from those who have successfully done this in the past??