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  1. Fit4Me

    Starting April 1

    Hi guys! So I can’t believe it’s Day 20 already! Went to bed last night and this morning with a raging headace. Ate a good breakfast of protein and fat and felt better almost instantly. 10 days to go before I find out what makes my body tick.
  2. Fit4Me

    Starting April 1

    @trafficjamdreaming Congrats on your Tiger Blood!! I am so hoping to get there. The last 2 days have been hellish for me. I've felt nauseous, headaches, and overall yuck! However, today is a new day! I feel so much better today! Even going to the gym!
  3. Fit4Me

    Starting April 1

    So the road trip was a success!! I essentially packed my food for the weekend and was prepared for the car ride. Today, not so good so far. I woke up with an upset stomach. Not sure if its something I ate or stress (today is Tax Day and I am a preparer). Ordinarily, I would nibble some saltines to abate the nausea. Not sure what I can do about it while staying in program...Any thoughts would help!
  4. Fit4Me

    Starting April 1

    Hi all! Day 12 in the bag! I am feeling victorious! My family and I are on a short road trip. 5 hours in the car with an obscene amount of candy and chips...but I was prepared! I made my food for the weekend and ate a great salad about halfway through. I will admit the smell of the Doritos and the knowledge that there were sour jelly beans behind me were enticing. However, I felt totally in control and not very tempted to be honest. This weekend is a big test! The car travel, weekend schedule, and eating out...not if, but when I make it through this weekend, I will feel like a champion!!
  5. Fit4Me

    Starting April 1 I don’t know how to tag someone...anyone who knows, please tell me. Suzanne: a) what’s Real Plans and b) don’t be discouraged! This is my first Whole30 and if something like that happened to me, I’d soldier on. The book talks about the spirit of the Whole30 program. You didn’t binge on chocolate cake!! With that said, I also don’t know the science and if a bit (I’m assuming) of sugar will have your system thrown out of whack. Hopefully, a moderator will chime in with the official ruling.☺️ Hang in there!! We’re all in this together!
  6. Fit4Me

    Starting April 1

    Hi all! Day 6 almost done. Had a pre-WO (2 boiled eggs) and Meal 1 about 2 hrs after workout...then nothing for about 5 hrs. Had a handful of nuts and an apple for “snack” while grocery shopping. Meal 2: Roasted Cajun seasoned salmon and roasted green beans...really yummy! Have to get better about meal planning so I don’t have these stretches of not eating because I don’t want to find anything . Hope you guys had a great Day 6!
  7. Fit4Me

    Starting April 1

    I am soooooo tired today!! I want a nap so terribly bad. I am pretty sure it's because I haven't been eating properly. Yesterday I skipped lunch (no desire to eat anything) and skipped breakfast today (so tired of eggs!!). How is it day 5 and I am already in food boredom! On the bright side, I am going to try my hand at making clarified butter today and looked up the bone broth recipe so I can make a butternut squash soup this weekend. Had no idea bone broth cost so much...motivated me to make my own :-)
  8. Fit4Me

    Starting April 1

    Day 2 is in the bag and on to day 3! I find myself questioning the amount of fat that I am consuming. It is a bit daunting. I grew up in the “fat is bad” era so the idea that I have eaten a whole avocado and cooked my morning eggs with olive oil instead of non-stick spray (mine contain soy lectins) is terribly troubling for me. I feel like I am focused on the fat and not the fact that I am doing this! I need to continue reiterating to myself my reasons for wanting a healthy life and doing Whole30 is a step in getting there.
  9. Fit4Me

    Starting April 1

    Hello. I also started my first Whole30 today! Excited and a bit nervous at the same time (no weighing rule ). I am hoping to see an improvement in my sleep, energy level, evening temperament (not the best right now...), and a change in my body composition. I also am hoping this will help me change my relationship with certain foods (i.e. fat, candy with the kids on "special" days). I am so glad there are others that are embarking on this journey at the same time. Nice to have a community to celebrate ...or commiserate with.