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  1. Thanks for the advice and encouragement! I absolutely crashed the evening of Day #1. Jury still out on if that has anything to do with this plan but ... on Day #3 and feeling much better. I've realized my body NEEDS carbs in the morning, but not so much in the afternoon or evening. So I've been eating accordingly. So far, so good.
  2. Hi all! Starting a new Whole30 today and am nervous ... last time I tried this, two years ago, I failed. I had to give up after days of feeling shaky (to the point it was impacting my work) and having major GI issues. But it looks like the rules have changed now, allowing all fruit (though in moderation) and white potatoes. Giving this another shot but allowing myself more "grace" to snack a bit, especially in the beginning as my body adjusts. Also going to really focus on my portion sizes as I suspect I wasn't eating enough before. Anyone else starting their journey today? Looking for words of encouragement!