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  1. Hi guys! This is like my millionth round with whole30 BUT my first while pregnant. I typically eat paleo but since I found out I was pregnant I was eating “whatever the baby wants” so lots of grains and dairy, fried foods, bread, junk food, right before I found out I was pregnant was the holidays so lots of not great eating habits for at least the last 5-6 months. I’m usually paleo on weekdays but weekends are my “cheat days” ANYWAYS so I’m on day 3, my diarrhea started yesterday, got worse today and is accompanied by stomach cramps. I’m not sure if this is from a long time of bad eating and I’m “detoxing” or what. I am making sure to drink lots of water and caffeine free tea to stay hydrated but I’m not sure what could be causing the diarrhea! Yesterday For breakfast I’ve been having chorizo breakfast hash with 2 eggs and half an avocado. Lunch leftover taco zucchini boats. Dinner 5 ingredient spaghetti pizza pie. Little bit of fruit, little bit of nuts for snacks because I’m pregnant and am a hairstylist and I’m on my feet all day and I need snacks! lol Today all I’ve had yet is the same breakfast as yesterday. And coffee and yeah yeah I know coffee doesn’t help any but I’ve never had this issue during any of my other whole30 rounds. HELP! :(