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  1. VES77

    RX bars?

    Thank you! I'm not eating any other fruit during the day so I figured what little there was in the rx bar might be OK. I'll work on some other snacks though. And you're definitely right the kombucha is probably more to have something that tastes nice with my evening meal. I will say that my exercise is high intensity. Even if it's shorter duration. I am definitely hungry if I don't do a pre workout snack. Thanks again.
  2. VES77

    RX bars?

    I am on Day 10 of my first Whole30! So far so good. Cravings are not as bad as I had thought. I think I am sticking to the plan but I wanted input on a couple of "extras." I have not noticed a whole lot of body changes yet but since I'm 1/3 through want to make sure I'm on track. My meals are pretty consistent. I have egg/avocado/veggie combo of some sort in the AM. Lunch and dinner I have been ordering meals from Model Meals which seem to be compliant. If there is no fat I will add 1/2 avocado or have small glass of coconut milk. Sometimes I forget to add a fat. I try to do 150 minutes of exercise a week so will do a similar egg/avocado before workout. I often eat dinner right after and don't do another meal after that. I try to make sure I have a starchy veggie with dinner. Typically I am having an Rx Bar every day (I work in medicine and get hungry in the PM and will often grab one between patients) and kombucha with dinner. I would like to know: Are the Rx Bar and kombucha too much - should I limit them? Is it also possible I'm not eating enough if I'm NOT having a post-workout meal AND dinner? I feel satisfied most of the time but if I'm still hungry that's when I may add the Rx bar or some nuts. Thank you!