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    Day 1 of My Whole30!

    Hi Addison! My name is Laurie, and I'm also pretty new to Whole30. I am just about starting my 4th week, and it's been really great -- I was nervous going into it, I'd read about it being "hard", but I was pleasantly surprised -- it's really not that hard at all! And I had to make major changes -- I was always drinking caffeinated diet sodas, etc. so I was doubtful I'd be able to do it. What really helped me get off the diet drinks was adding sliced strawberries or lemon slices to ice water, it was so much easier to drink water. And after a while, I didn't even need to do that, drinking water is just fine now. Another thing that helped me -- I told lots of people that I was doing it, so that way I had pressure on me that if I didn't follow through, I'd have to admit to them that I "failed" ... I know it seems silly, but that was a very strong motivator for me! Also, I was waiting to start feeling bad after the first few days (tired, irritable, etc.) but that never happened for me. I felt great right off the bat. Crazy, right? I hope you have the same experience! I'm glad you're doing this with your mom, my daughter is in college, and she's doing it too, it makes it fun to talk about how we're doing and share food ideas. I'm always sending her screenshots from the grocery store when I find something new that's Whole30 compliant