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    Great, that helps alot. Thank you! I'll be honest, I usually just stick to one veggie + protein + fat a meal, and dont often throw a variety of veggies in unless its a salad, so this is a great reminder.
  2. Shane Peterson


    Hello! I have read that Whole 30 doesn't recommend fasting of any sort due to "adding more variables" into the complicated diet plan. I don't really find the diet all to that difficult if you plan it out, but I want to experiment with fasting while on Whole 30. I have done intermittent fasting (16-8) and also full 24 hour fasts, and feel pretty good after (pre-whole 30). I have also been researching prolonged 72 hour fasts and the many benefits you may experience with it "resetting" your gut health and auto immunity. I am on Day 19 and I have faded in and out of the "tigers blood" feeling, but I honestly haven't had any satisfying bowel movements since I have started. I started the diet pretty meat heavy, not consuming enough veggies, and snacking too much on nuts, but have since followed the meal template pretty strictly and have not seen any changes. I was hoping that a 72 hour water fast would help reset my digestive tract, and considering I wouldn't be eating anything, it would still be Whole 30 compliant. Has anyone had any experience fasting during whole 30? If so, what day did you start fasting and for how long? Thanks!
  3. Shane Peterson


    So what's the deal with potatoes? I see that they used to not be allowed and now they are. For some reason, when I pan fry up some taters in olive oil and seasoning (quite regularly) I feel like they might not be healthy for me. How much potatoes are too much potatoes? I love sweet potatoes as well, but I seem to have an intolerance to them of some sort. I get really bloated and belchy when I eat them. It does make a difference if I peel them first though, but still. So in turn, any recipe I see with sweet potatoes, I sub potatoes. I probably eat potatoes once every other day, is that bad?
  4. Shane Peterson

    Avid snacker...

    Wow, thank you so much for all of the recommendations and suggestions, I really appreciate it. Self admittedly, I don't allocate much time for my breakfast in the morning, which is why it is usually lacking in calories and substance. Eggs and fruit are quick and easy, so its a lazy cop out. I think I will start even meal prepping my breakfasts as well as my lunch and dinners.
  5. Shane Peterson

    Avid snacker...

    Hey everybody.. day 4 here, feeling all around fine besides occasional light headache and wanting to go to bed earlier. My problem is SNACKING. I have been snacking on compliant cashews, pistachios, larabars, beef sticks. This is usually between breakfast and lunch since eggs and fruit dont usually hold me over till lunch. How bad is it for me to snack if they are compliant? Ive always been a huge snacker, so I am wondering if its best just to tough it out between meals.. thoughts?
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    Started yesterday, April 8th! First time!

    Thanks Jakkie! It is so reassuring to hear that you are seeing many changes and are sticking through till day 20! Congrats! Also, thanks for the tip! I enjoy cooking already so meal prep sessions are going to be a regular thing of mine. Feeling good I made this decision.
  7. Hey Everyone, I am Shane, this is my first time doing whole 30. I am on day 2 and so far feel generally the same. I am doing whole 30 because i have had life long skin issues of many sorts and bouts of fatigue and bloating. I have tried many diets but usually dont take away much or have an ah ha! moment. I like that whole 30 is strict and well defined. I am super excited to see my transformation. My girlfriend and I are both doing it, so it will be nice to have some camaraderie. I look forward to checking in most days! Cheers!