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    Probably no one here is going to suggest you fast, intermittent or otherwise. It goes against the meal template and the recommended schedule for when to eat your first meal, how long you should stay satiated, etc. 
    If you want to fast and start doing your own "WholeShane", have at it. But it will also mean that from that point on anything we'd normally recommend to people could be skewed by the fact that you up and stopped eating for 3 days. 
    Instead of complicating the Whole30, have you tried listing out a couple days' worth of meals with portion sizes, water intake, and exercise? It could be that even though you've moved in the direction of following the template better, there's room for improvement. 
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    Shane Peterson reacted to Gail Lovingdale in Started April 8th-On Day 16!   
    Hello friends! My name is Gail, and although I started the program 16 days ago I am just now joining the forum. I am going strong so far and am feeling excited to see my results after the full 30 days and reintroduction period are complete. My boyfriend and I have been cooking and planning with each other and it has been an interesting challenge for the both of us. Ready for this healthy lifestyle change, Woohoo Whole30!
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    Wow, thank you so much for all of the recommendations and suggestions, I really appreciate it. Self admittedly, I don't allocate much time for my breakfast in the morning, which is why it is usually lacking in calories and substance. Eggs and fruit are quick and easy, so its a lazy cop out. I think I will start even meal prepping my breakfasts as well as my lunch and dinners. 
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    Welcome! Glad to have you here! A little flag about anxiety - Whole30 tends to be much lower carb than people realize once they eliminate grains and added sugars. We highly recommend you include at least one fist sized serving of starchy veggie at least once a day. More if you are very active and more if you are feeling a bit low. The starchy veggie helps with serotonin which, when it sinks too low due to a lower carb intake, can affect depression and anxiety.