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  1. Stephanietrish

    Mild acne, still not cleared on day 57

    Are you eating ghee?? Sometimes dairy is still present and causes skin issues...
  2. Stephanietrish

    Need snack ideas !

    Hello everyone! I have reactive hypoglycemia and for now can't seem to be able to stop my snack even though I am on day 21. If I don't snack my heart will be pounding, I get brain fog and tired and shaky. The forum suggested snacks with protein and veggies or protein and fat. I cannot have eggs because I have an intolerance so can I have some ideas of good snacks ? Thanks!!
  3. Cooking oil does not count. You have to ADD to your own plate the fats. Example: ghee on your sweet potato or olive oil. Avocado, olives, nuts and seeds, tahini, etc. Carb ideas: read this:
  4. Hey ! My hubby is sleeping well the last 2 night since we listen to the recommendation to eat MORE and have carbs with evening meal. You Definitly are not eating enough and your blood sugar is probably not stable. Your breakfast need maybe one more egg with fat and vegetables and maybe a little biy of potato. You need carbs every last meal of the day the size of your fist. You maybe need snacks like me but fruit alone is very wrong. The moderators suggested protein and fat or protein and veggies as a snack. Tell me if it's better in about 3 days..
  5. Stephanietrish

    HELP ! Can't sleep well since starting whole30

    Ok thanks so much , will Definitly eat more both of us! Our ham is natural and compliant ! Yey! Love your idea of snacks veggies +protein or protein +fat..but have any ideas?? Do nuts count as protein or fats in this equation? Nut butter and celery ok?
  6. Stephanietrish

    HELP ! Can't sleep well since starting whole30

    A typical day for my hubby who has an active job in construction: breakfast hash with ground pork, veggies and half avocado. Lunch: one palm size protein veggies and som starch maybe half a potato or half plantain with fat: maybe ghee or coconut oil or olive oil. fruit such as orange etc. Dinner: same template as lunch with one fruit. Snack before bed: some almond butter and 2 or 3 ham slices For me: Same meals as hubby except I need snack with my hypoglycemia. Morning snack: some nuts with a fruit Afternoon snack: chia pudding without sugar .some berries or smoke salmon with avocado. Before bed snack: tuna with almonds We have had nuts before sleep for years and never had problems. As I mentionned, it even makes me sleep.Hubby was having tortillas chipa with peanut butter for a year and slept like a baby before whole30. Maybe he is not having enough carbs for his activity level ?
  7. Hi ! Me and my hubby are doing our first whole30. We are both in good health and we were eating pretty good. Before whole30 my husband had no problems with sleep and now we are on day 18 and he has been strugling with sleep for the last week ...he wakes up in the middle of the night and Can't fall back to sleep. He used to eat high carbs as a snack before whole30. Now he has some compliant ham with almond butter or protein with fat. His sleep is very light. Tossing and turning...other than sleep he is doing good but now getting tired. We are following the meal template and he has fat and some starchy veg each meal. Me: I have on and off insomnia periods in my life and I have reactive hypoglycemia since forever. But before the whole30 this month I was sleeping very good. Since starting the whole30 bad sleep which I knew was detox at the beginning but now it's day 18 and still takes me forever to fall asleep..I even have to take a snack of almonds around 1am to be able to fall asleep. I take magnesium before bed and melatonin. I have some fat and carbs with every meal. Anyone relate and have solutions? We love whole30 but want to SLEEP!!!