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  1. 14 minutes ago, SugarcubeOD said:

    Just a note that Real Plans is actually a company in itself that we've partnered with and they have a Whole30 option for meals.  It's not an official Whole30 app and it doesn't have the rules and recommendations or any other Whole30 support attached to it - it's only a meal planning app.

    Thanks for clearing that up :)

  2. 1 hour ago, ShannonM816 said:

    I haven't used Real Plans at all, but their website does have a 14-day free trial. I'm sure it's one that you put in a credit card and have to remember to cancel before you get charged for it, but at least you could look at it. 


    Oddly, the Android app on Google itself is a flat $19.99 a month versus $30 the first month, 15 thereafter lol

    What do you and others use, or is it more just track as you go?  I haven't read all of the site content yet but thus far, I haven't seen much other than what NOT to eat (which is cool) but I am thinking that "tracking" your intake (like weighing yourself) is generally not this the case?

  3. I know it is the "official" Whole30 app and all that, but two things concern me.  First, they require payment before they even let you scope out it's capabilities.  Second (and a reult of my first concern?) the ratings at the Google Play store are not stellar at 2.9 out of 5.  While it would be nice to have an app that more or less lays out what you can and cannot have, I am reluctant to spend $20 on an app that may or may not be useful to me, sight unseen.

    Anyone have any input to this?

  4. 36 minutes ago, ladyshanny said:

    Hi Steve,

    These sorts of huge family events can be a breeze or supremely difficult to navigate. It sort of depends on your personality, history of "I'll just start over" and whether or not food = celebration in your family.

    You certainly CAN do it, people have/do - but others find it extremely challenging.

    You could start now and see how it goes. By then you may feel great and not want anything to mess with you or you may feel that it's enough for you to have practiced and then start over for the full 30 days after the wedding. Either way you won't be doing yourself any harm - it's just whether or not you can handle the possibility that you may have to start over to get the full 30 days.

    Hi, and thanks for the reply.  I am pretty strong willed overall, once I get motivated toward a goal.  Of course, foregoing the evening glass (or two) of wine or craft beer will be a bit of a challenge, but honestly I have reached the point where the challenges and attendant issues associated with the new classic American lifestyle outweigh any benefits -- if there ever really were any.  I have been on this planet a while now, and I know that when I was a kid in the 1960s, obesity was a relatively rare thing and there wasn't a plethora of "light" or "low fat" (read: high sugar) foods in those days.  People at real food mostly, with maybe a yearly (if that) trip to McDonald's which was a real treat.  I probably sound like the typical curmudgeonly old guy here, but it really is true.  We ate vegetables out of my parent's and grandparent's gardens, eggs from chickens I raised myself and meats from an honest to goodness butcher.


    In short, I rather strongly believe that a combination of the systematic governmental institution of "fat is the enemy" which gave rise to the current sugar fest out there, and our collective penchant for "fast and easy" dinners and the like are something we as a society have to get to grips with, or the health consequences will be even more dire than they are now. </MiniRant>

    So I'll give it a go, starting Monday for a couple of reasons, namely getting my ducks lined up beforehand, and trust my instincts here.  Wish me luck!

  5. Hello all, new here and to this concept.  I'd heard OF it, but not ABOUT it and so I have educated myself and am intrigued if this sort of thing can improve some long standing lingering issues I have had my whole life really (I am 60 now).  Namely digestive stuff, chronic inflammation and an ever increasing sweet tooth that sabotages otherwise strong efforts at weight control.

    Thing is, my grandson's wedding is in 3 weeks across the country, and it will also be a time of family gathering.  I am wondering what "the pros" think here; will I (likely) be strongly enough indoctrinated by early May in terms of being the varied oddball at dinners and such if I start this thing this very weekend?  I have never been one to put things off if I can help it, having learned long ago that to do so often means something never happens.  I am not involved in the wedding, except for paying for the rehearsal dinner (we are his de facto parents - long story) so it's not like the limelight will be on us at all.  I should also mention that, at least at this point I will be doing this solo, but my wife professes intent to fully support this effort.

    Thoughts, opinions or other fodder for thought anyone?