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  1. Tried Real Plans, but not useful for me. It's just as easy to use the Internet really.
  2. Oddly, the Android app on Google itself is a flat $19.99 a month versus $30 the first month, 15 thereafter lol What do you and others use, or is it more just track as you go? I haven't read all of the site content yet but thus far, I haven't seen much other than what NOT to eat (which is cool) but I am thinking that "tracking" your intake (like weighing yourself) is generally not this the case?
  3. I know it is the "official" Whole30 app and all that, but two things concern me. First, they require payment before they even let you scope out it's capabilities. Second (and a reult of my first concern?) the ratings at the Google Play store are not stellar at 2.9 out of 5. While it would be nice to have an app that more or less lays out what you can and cannot have, I am reluctant to spend $20 on an app that may or may not be useful to me, sight unseen. Anyone have any input to this?