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  1. flightyimpressions

    NON Carbonated drinks

    Thank you! I already drink a lot of plain water every day as is, no sodas or other high sugar drinks. I was just looking into something flavorful to change a few drinks up during the day. I had been adding 8oz of cranberry juice to 24 oz of water everyday (Oceanspray 5 calorie) but it is made with sucralose and I want to make sure I have something during whole30 that I could drink but still has flavor. :-)
  2. flightyimpressions

    NON Carbonated drinks

    so unsweetened Aqua Fresca would be allowed? here would be the ingredients: 1 cup cucumber slices can peel if desire 1 cup water or coconut water 1 tbsp lime juice juice from 1/2 a lime 2 mint leaves
  3. flightyimpressions

    NON Carbonated drinks

    So besides water, tea and coffee, what are some compliant drinks that are NOT carbonated? I had gastric sleeve and carbonated beverages literally hurt to drink.