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  1. Rawrsala

    Starting April 15

    Hi all! I spoke way too son yesterday! I ended up having horrible flu-like symptoms. I stuck with it and i feel better today, but has anyone else had these? Happy day 8!
  2. Rawrsala

    Starting April 15

    I'm on day 7 now and I'm feeling pretty good! Day 4 was the hardest for me. Like REALLY bad. All i wanted was a sweet snack while my husband and I snuggled watching tv-- but I didn't cave! I've been eating sweet potatoes more so than any other potatoes. They are healthier for you and i LOVE basically all versions of white potatoes, so I figure breaking that habit is a good idea too! I have a wedding to go to on Day 20, which is going to be the hardest day I'm assuming. I feel good about my body right now though! I've always been extremely hard on myself about my appearance-- whether I've been 115 lbs or 150 lbs. I'm at the high end right now and I feel SO much less bloated. I've been doing an exercise program in conjunction with the Whole30. I've found that having some sort of food prepped is the only way I've survived this past week lol How is everyone else doing?
  3. Rawrsala

    Starting April 15

    Hi Guys! I'm glad I found this thread. I'm new to Whole30. My husband and I are attempting this together as I've tried diets in the past and ended up caving because of his eating habits (which isn't his fault, but is mine!) My goals for this first round are to break some bad habits (though I'm a fairly healthy eater anyway) and to hopefully jumpstart a bit of weight loss (though I know that's not the main intention of this program) to help boost my self-esteem. I suffer from anxiety with bouts of depression and food tends to be my pick-me-up crutch. I'd love to change that. I have about 15-20 lbs to lose and I'm hoping this program will start me on the right path to that. I'm on day 3 today and I'm realizing how daunting it is to prepare food for both of us! Also, I'm HUNGRIER today than the past two days. I'm sure this will subside soon, but in the meantime i do find myself missing things like cheese. I'm also an avid baker, so putting my baking on hold is super challenging because it is my creative outlet! Any good meal suggestions? I made a chicken biriyani with cauliflower rice last night and it was really good!