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    Whole 30 ketchup is actually really good. You might find you don't miss the sugar if you make it. It's in the book (not the online recipes that are packed with dates). It's really simple and takes like 10 minutes tops to make with ingredients that are readily available in a regular grocery store. 
    I prefer salad dressing that is oil/vinegar based, so no clue how to help there (maybe something made with Whole 30 mayo instead of sour cream or other dairy?). I hear you on the cheese...Cheese is cheese and it always will be. When I did my reintroductions after my first Whole30, the only thing that I reacted to like "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?" was dairy.
    I'm on Day 12 too and doing fine. Not seeing drastic results either way (don't feel super crappy, but my pants aren't getting super loose either) like I did on my first one. But I'm sleeping a bit better and have more energy in the gym (#NSV). Anyway, hope everyone else is doing well! 
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    Starchy veggies: yam, sweet potato, winter squash (zuke is summer squash so not a starch), potatoes, carrots, rutabaga, turnip, beets etc.
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    I would say try sweet potatoes as a sub for the russets as a start. They have more nutrients in them. As for the large portions, it depends on your activity level as to your caloric needs. You shouldn't be starving!
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    I'm on my second one and am not feeling nearly as badly as I did on my first. I was on a much more Whole 30 like diet between the two than before my first one despite the occasional donut. So I'd say if you're used to elimination diets or your diet has been somewhat like the Whole 30 recently, that's probably why you're not feeling anything. And even on my first one, I didn't want to kill all the things :). 
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    I started my first round April 14th as well!  I definitely felt the hangover and "what have I done!" on day one.  But other than giving up coffee (can't drink without milk or sugar) it hasn't been too bad.  I just caved and had my first snack, a cashew Larabar.  I am intolerant to almonds so that is the only one that works for me.  Also living in Canada there are less buy-able Whole30 products!  I did find a compliant caesar dressing but I'm not too sure about it yet...
    I'm worried I'm eating too many potatoes.  They are the only thing that seems to make me feel full.  Sweet and white.  I am eating very large portions but like I said I had my first snack today.. anyone else worry about too many potatoes or too large of portions?
    Excited to join this for support!  Doing this one on my own.